Peace and love on earth

Do You Want Peace on Earth? Choose LOVE! It only takes a moment…

“There is no Love greater than Love with no object. For then you, yourself, have become love itself.”~Rumi

The holidays are upon us and it is a sure bet that you are busy. The hustle and bustle of the holidays is also one of the most stressful times of the year and you get wrapped up in the business of life much like the tightly wrapped gifts placed under a tree.

The thing about a wrapped present is that you can’t see what’s inside until you unwrap it. What looks pretty on the outside could very well be full of pain and hurting on the inside and the really ugly, poorly wrapped present could very well be beautiful on the inside.

During this season keep in mind that many are hurting. They might lash out, be rude or even ignore you but it’s not necessarily because of you. They are wrapped up and maybe even trying to cover up their own pain. Whether it is emotional or physical, you might not be able to see it with your eyes so it is difficult to understand why someone acts or responds in a way you don’t think is proper. While in your own busy world this year why not bring a little peace on earth? Share the spirit of the holidays by taking a moment to respond with love!

Set aside judgement

Whether white, black, red, yellow, tall or short, gay, straight, bi, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist (or another religion), married, single, spiritual or not, Democrat, Republican or Independent whatever your beliefs or convictions are there are things which are true for all of us; We are ALL human beings and we ALL bleed red. We all have feelings and experience challenges and pain in our lives. Put aside your judgements or better yet, clear the energy of judgement altogether and spread a little joy and peace in the world!

It only takes a moment…

It only takes a moment of your valuable time to pick up the phone and call a friend or family member you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while. It only takes a moment of your time to smile at the homeless person you pass on the street. It only takes a moment to respond with love instead of hate. It only takes a moment to share a smile and say hello to connect with spirit. If someone has in your eyes ‘wronged’ you, it only takes a moment to forgive.

It only takes a moment to respond with love and compassion instead of resistance and anger. The choices you make, words you use and energy you put out at any given moment leave a lasting impression whether you realize it or not. You never really know another’s journey or what they are going through. How you respond can change someones day for the better and it only takes a moment to do it!

Peace on earth, goodwill toward “human beings” is not just a holiday saying. Choosing to “become love itself” only takes a moment. Choosing to acknowledge another human spirit brings heaven to earth. Connect with your own spirit and decide what energy you’d like to generate in this world. It only takes a moment to shine your light which in turn allows others to do the same. This holiday season make moments which take your breath away. Spread a little peace on earth by choosing  love…it only takes a moment. ~Shine Your Light Debbie

Artwork   ©Daniel Holeman  Awaken Visions

©Debra Taitel 2013 All Rights Reserved
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Who Else Wants to Make Someone Smile?

CandyCaneHello‘Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”~Leo Buscaglia 

As we journey through life there are times when seemingly insignificant acts become significant life changers.These life changers are not always found in the “big” things we do but the small random acts that brighten the night, cause big smiles and bring joy to our hearts.

I experienced several of these moments last night and wanted to share so you too can be the cause of an ear to ear smile. It might surprise you to know that the cause of these light up the night smiles were caused by a simple candy cane…or maybe it was something else!

On the way to teach my last meditation workshop of the year I decided to stop and pick up some candy canes to give to those attending. Little did I know that what started out as a simple “it might be nice to give out candy canes” thought would turn into smiles, happiness and joy not only for those who attended to the workshop (myself included) but for everyone I came in contact with.

The Joyful HELLO!

Before the workshop I arranged the chairs and set the energy then placed a chocolate mint candy cane on everyone’s chair. A small gesture to be sure but the result was bigger than originally intended. As everyone entered to take their seats they stopped for a moment and looked at the candy cane. A few asked “is this for me?” A few giggled and said “OOOOO a candy cane!” Regardless of anything they ‘said’ ALL of them smiled from ear to ear. The heavy, palpable energy in the room lifted immediately. A little piece of holiday candy turned into a big HELLO to spirit!

After the workshop I had almost a full box of candy canes left over (of course I bought too many. God forbid someone arrived and didn’t get one. I thank my mother’s programming for this.) and since I didn’t trust myself to bring them all home and not eat them in one sitting, I decided to give them to everyone I came in contact with on the way home.

The girls at the Yoga center, the cab driver, my doorman. In my mind it was simply giving away candy BUT it was much more! As I handed them out with a smile, it caused the people to stop the thoughts running through their head, be in the present, get a hello AND then it caused them to light up with a smile. With this small gift they immediately became HAPPY which in turn made me happy! I acknowledged another human being with a smile and a candy cane and didn’t just pass them by lost in my own thoughts.

All too often there is a sense of feeling anonymous or invisible in this world. We all want our presence acknowledged but have gotten so used to being a part of the crowd and lost in our own thoughts we sometimes don’t take the time to acknowledge the presence of those around us.

A “hello” to spirit creates a healing for the person who receives it for it recognizes their presence. What’s interesting is that when someone smiles, you can actually see them coming back to themselves. If you don’t believe me try looking into someone’s eyes, smile and say hello just to see what happens.

“Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.”~Paramahansa Yogananda

So I ask you, was it the chocolate mint candy canes or was it a “hello” that caused people to light up and smile? Whichever it was, I’m going back to the store and buying more of those candy canes to hand out! If you don’t have the means to buy and give out candy canes, get out there give out smiles and hellos. You may brighten a sad heart AND the act of giving brings happiness to your soul.~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2013 All Rights Reserved
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