Trust your PGS – Michael Tamura

Trust your intuition always! #Trust #MichaelTamura #PGS #LivingLovingLearning

PGS the Way

During the making of my intuition film I’ve been fortunate to make some good friends all around the world.
Amongst them is the remarkable Michael Tamura, the famed psychic healer from Mt. Shasta.
Michael and I communicate regularly, and I will sometime phone him out of the blue for a chat – and each time we communicate he teaches me something new, and wonderful.
We swapped emails just before I left for Portugal, and, having received his permission to do so, I am publishing the first of two parts here now.
MICHAEL TAMURA – from an email to Bill Bennett, April 17 ~
(Responding to an email where I am told him of my struggles with my film, thrashing around wondering if it should be didactic or personal… I finally came to the conclusion that it should be personal.)L
I agree that your film has to be personal and…

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