GO FOR THE GOLD! Spiritual Lessons from the Olympics

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I love the Olympic games and as a clairvoyant I can’t help but watch as many of the athletes get into the “zone.” There are many lessons we can learn and it doesn’t take a professional psychic to point them out. As you watch the games you can easily see who has cleared their pictures and who hasn’t.

I’ve heard the commentators refer to an athlete who didn’t do well as having the ‘Olympic jitters’ but it’s more than that. The athletes must own their space, have certainty, clear any fear of failure and know with every fiber of their being they have the ability to reach their goals. They must know beyond a shadow of a doubt they have what it takes.

Every athlete participating has trained countless hours, qualified through other competitions and each of them is ready to go for the gold. While they represent their countries as part of a team they compete as individuals. They cannot let pictures of fear or failure creep into their performance. They must WANT that gold medal and KNOW they are ready. There is no doubt in the minds of those who actually win a medal. You hear it time and time again in the interviews; their goal is to go out there, stay focused and do the very best for themselves, their team and their country. In spiritual terms they must be in the “zone” and free from negative influences. They must find gold  to win gold. If you apply this to your own life you will indeed open up to golden opportunities!

You’ve trained for this moment your whole life!

You have lifetimes of experience (training) to draw upon. Consider that every moment of your life you are learning and in training for the next thing that comes along. As eternal spirit you have information from other lifetimes. Whatever happens in this current lifetime as spirit you’ve trained for it and you have the ability and the knowledge to get through it. Owning your space, standing in your truth (grounding) and surrounding yourself in a healing gold energy bubble gives you strength and certainty in your choices. Know and remind yourself that all you’ve gone through in your life is a part of training for whatever is next and that you’re ready no matter what it is! There is beauty in knowing because it brings your attention back from the future and calms both your spirit and body. You no longer have to fear or worry about the future or an outcome because you KNOW you can handle it! When doubt or fear comes to mind, re-focus and get back into your “zone”.

Spiritual Competition Destroys!

Competing in the Olympics, or anything else one competes in, is fine. It’s fun, we root for and support our teams and at times compete with ourselves in the sense of trying to get better but competition on an energy level is a different story. The energy vibration of competition destroys. This is a spiritual truth. Jealousy, envy, worrying about what someone else is doing or thinking you are ‘above’ someone else stops your spiritual growth. It will slowly eat away at you causing misery and in some cases disease. Spiritual competition takes your attention completely outside of you and stops the flow of your creative energy. Think of what would happen if instead of an athlete wanting to do their best, they were more concerned with the other guy? The shift in focus puts their attention on someone else and takes away from what they need to do. When your attention and focus is on you it helps center you so you can get access to your own abilities of inner strength and creativity.

There’s more than enough gold to go around!

Gold is a healing energy and, unlike the one Olympic gold medal per event, there is a limitless supply. Why would you want someone else’s gold vibration when you have your own? Picture a golden sun above your head and have it shine down on you. Allow it to fill you up until it fountains back out the top of your head and fully surrounds you in a bubble of golden light. All you have to do is visualize. As spirit you’ve trained lifetimes and have information for this moment. Remember you are spirit with the ability to find and access gold anywhere at any time.  Banish thoughts of doubt or fear. Gold is yours for the taking. Allow it to heal and protect you. Proudly stand on the winners podium surrounded in gold. Use this energy often to open the doors of golden opportunity. Are you ready to GO FOR THE GOLD?~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2012 All rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “GO FOR THE GOLD! Spiritual Lessons from the Olympics

  1. Love this post 🙂

    You are so right, as a spirit we have been working towards this moment forever! It’s so empowering when we remember this,x

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