Author’s Note

FunmeHello and welcome!

“When I started this blog in July 2009 my initial thought was to find my own voice, to write about the things I see on an energetic level and in essence to share a part of my spiritual life’s journey with you. I had no idea where it would lead or that you, my readers, would not only become a part of that journey but an inspiration to continue on this path.

Each blog that I write has meaning to me personally and allows me to heal myself in the process of writing. Many times what I write is that which I have uncovered and seen for and of myself. Other times I write about what I see as a ‘theme’ going on either in the world around me or the focus of several clairvoyant reading clients. In any case, I try to add simple ways for you to gain insight into your own life by offering questions you can ask yourself and perhaps a thought-provoking perspective.

What I have come to realize through your comments and support is that what I write makes a difference in YOUR life! You are healing yourself not only from reading the blog, but taking the time to think about what resonates for you within each one.

To know that through my writing, clairvoyant readings, healings, spiritual coaching and/or workshops I can offer guidance to help you heal and find your truth is indeed a blessing and honor for me!

It is with gratitude and appreciation that I thank you for taking the time to read this blog. It is my hope that as we embark upon our journeys together and separately that we can all heal, create, manifest abundance, and live the life we were meant to live.

May your lives be filled with love, happiness and the creation of experiences that perhaps you dreamed of but never thought would become reality! Blessings of light, love and joy!
Shine your light~Debbie