Who Am I? Your Spiritual Identity


Each one of us at one time or another has asked this question and then experienced a spiritual identity crisis. A spiritual identity crisis is when you take on an identity which is not your own and when you ask “Who Am I” you discover that how you’ve lived and/or the path you’ve been on is not really your own. You created a persona and lived an inauthentic life based on what you needed (or thought you needed) at the time. This is not wrong or bad it is what you needed at the time. It may take time not only for you to discover what has happened but to recognize and accept that the person you thought you were is not really you. Let me add here that when you receive that epiphany it’s not always easy to accept!

As human beings we identify with and play many roles in our lives. Like an actor we ‘become’ what/who we think we are supposed to be at any given time or in particular situations. We are employees or employers, brothers or sisters, daughters or sons, parents or children, husbands or wives, lovers or friends. I could go on listing the various roles that others see us as but I think you get the idea. If there was any invalidation thrown at you in the form of ‘not doing it right’ or ‘you’re wrong’ or ‘not good enough’ it makes sense you would try out something else. When you identify with invalidation (any type) and accept it as truth you may spend a good deal of time in effort trying to fix it by being someone you are not and never were.

Others see you and you even may see yourself in the roles you play but they are only seeing one very small part of you and what you DO is not who you are! There are even roles one takes on based on what we THINK they should be, how we should act (ect.) or we become the person we think someone else wants us to be. We create a picture in our minds then emulate and bring that picture to life. Having an identity crisis is when you falsely identify yourself with a particular role or are living by someone else’s tenets of who you should be and you have mistaken them for your true self.

Growing up I identified myself as the fat girl, the outcast and the rebel undeserving of love. As I immersed myself in energy work and healing I began to see myself as much more. I am more than just my body and circumstances. YOU are much more than your body or circumstances! You are a spiritual being with abilities which go far beyond this current lifetime. You have many lifetimes full of knowledge and experience and if you choose, you can tap into all that you are to create infinite possibilities. Asking yourself ‘who am I?’ starts the process of peeling back layers of who you are not.

I’ve been very amused at the new internet sensation spreading like wildfire: What People Think I do. (meme) There is a lot of truth to those posts. Each of us is perceived as doing or being a certain way yet how others perceive us and possibly how we see ourselves is not who we are. You are not what you DO! You are not your growth period or circumstances! Who you are is so much more. You are an infinite being of light who has taken a body to have a human experience. If you identify solely with one particular role or only as a body or as your growth period you are limiting yourself!

A spiritual identity crisis is not really a crisis. It is the conscious self coming to terms with the spiritual self being in a material world, encountering external forces, pressures and influences. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and it is possible to change the experience by recognizing how much more there is to you than meets the eye! WHO ARE YOU?~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2012 All Rights Reserved


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