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Debra TaitelBiography

Debra is a gifted clairvoyant reader, healer, teacher and spiritual guide based in Chicago. With more than 30+ years of professional experience, her formal spiritual training began in 1992 with meditation and healing classes to focus her natural-born gift. In 1993 she launched her own practice offering professional readings and teaching meditation workshops.

Debra’s has a diverse and international client base offering readings to people worldwide. She teaches a range of workshops and teleseminars including meditation, spiritual healing, clairvoyance, karma, and healing the astral body. Debra has been a featured guest on several internet radio broadcasts and has prominent role in helping people heal through her social media presence. 

As a professional clairvoyant reader and teacher Debra helps people to heal their spirits and uncover their own truth so every client can create the life they want. Her readings are thoughtful, compassionate and full of insights and wisdom gained by the experience of living.

Debra is active in her community offering clairvoyant readings at holistic health conferences, Women’s Resource Fairs, and various Chicagoland street fairs. In addition she has given readings and donated readings as silent auction items at multiple fund-raising events in Chicago for organizations including the Museum of Science & Industry Youth Outreach program, Joel Hall Dance Center, MS Society of Chicago, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the Baird & Warner Goodwill Network (benefiting a local battered woman’s shelter.)

Adding to her own life’s purpose and experience Debra also works as a Real Estate Broker at Baird & Warner in the city of Chicago. Using her clairvoyant and healing abilities combined with more than 30 years of professional experience in real estate, she assists her clients in selling or finding their dream home. Her personalized house healings help to clear out old or lingering energies that may hinder a home from being purchased or sold.

Debra deeply understands the importance of healing the spirit and the effect it can have on the body as well. Her personal spiritual journey helped her to achieve a life-changing weight loss of 86 lbs. She shared her skills, experience and personal journey working for a major international weight loss company as a motivational speaker. 

For more information about readings, to schedule a session or for press inquires please her website: SpiritLightInsight.com or send an email to Debra@SpiritLightInsight.com 

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