Body Image: What Energy do you SEE?

“Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?” What do you see when you look in the mirror? Did you know that what is reflected back is not always what is truly and uniquely you? How’s your body image these days? Do you love or even like your body?

Everything is energy…

…including your body! When you look into the mirror do you see yourself looking back or are there times when the reflection you see doesn’t quite look like you? Are you always trying to fix or change something? Do you hate your body altogether? Do you think you are unattractive? Do you consider each wrinkle a ‘laugh or wisdom line’ or do you see it as merely getting old?

Enhancing or changing your body is fine but your outer body and the things you dislike many times are a reflection of what’s going on INside and it could very well be that there is a lot of energy you are carrying around which is not yours! It may not be that you hate your body but that you hate the energy you see when you look at yourself. This is an important distinction from wanting to get healthy and lose weight for example. If you don’t like the extra weight, take a few moments to reflect on those things you carry around with you or the pain you are trying to cover up. If you are thin  yet see yourself as heavy reflect on what it is you are still trying to purge from your body.

Change what’s INside first…

There’s nothing wrong with body enhancements but unless you change what’s going on INside nothing you do (whether it be losing or gaining weight, plastic surgery etc) will change how you see and feel about yourself. What is it you don’t want to see? Is it a painful childhood? Are you in pain and/or resisting an illness? Is there energy that stems from constant invalidation? And for the million dollar question….HOW MUCH OF WHAT YOU SEE IS ACTUALLY YOURS? Refelctions of any kind are distorted! Have you ever gone to an amusement park and looked at yourself in one of those funny mirrors? 🙂

There is more to you than meets the eye!

Your spirit is beautiful! No matter what your physical body looks like, finding and bringing more of you INside will indeed be reflected on the outside. Your body is not just made up of molecules and particles. Your spiritual energy animates and breathes passion and purpose into your life. If you are comparing yourself to what is considered ‘beautiful’ by some and you don’t feel like you fit that image, you are actually getting stuck on someone else’s (or society’s) picture of beauty!


How you see yourself from your minds eye is reflected on the outside. Behold the beauty of yourself! The more of YOU and your beautiful spirit you allow yourself to see and bring INside the more you show it to others. When you look in the mirror if the outside doesn’t quite match the inside, go ahead and do what you’d like to change your physical body; But by all means be sure to clear out foreign energies and other people’s pictures or concepts of beauty. See yourself as I see you…a beautiful spirit in a human body!~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2011 All rights reserved

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One thought on “Body Image: What Energy do you SEE?

  1. Inspirational post that I’m sure everybody can relate to, I believe everybody will have suffered from negative thoughts on body image before, myself included!

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