Lift the Veils & Clear the Mists!

There is a great awakening happening in the world. Our very consciousness is changing and we are becoming more aware. Many are awakening from a deep slumber and as you know when you awaken from a deep sleep you can be “in a fog” for a short time.

As in nature, when the landscape is enveloped in the fog, it merely takes the sunlight to burn through the mist to unveil the glory the fog had once hidden. When you clear your mists you find that where you once had doubt, you are empowered, if you were in lack, you can see your abundance. Fear falls away and you uncover your strength and courage. You are no longer shrouded or limited by your surroundings.

In one of my favorite books “The Mists of Avalon” by Marion Zimmer Bradley a traveler could take a barge out into the sea and arrive either at Glastonbury of the monks or the Holy Isle of Avalon. All they had to do was create the intent and be aware of where they wanted to go and what they wished to experience. Did they wish to experience the magic beyond the veils or visit the monks? It was a choice to simply clear the mists and lift the veils to Avalon. Although a fiction book, there is a great deal of truth to clearing the mists that surround you. As those mists are lifted they unveil not only who you are but help you to see more clearly that which has been there all along. All it takes is YOU deciding to turn silently within.

Begin to shine from the inside out and you will become clearer in thought. You will find what YOU really want! You uncover your truth and your own will!

“When you are in doubt, be still and wait. When doubt no longer
exists for you, then go forward with courage. So long as mists
envelop you, be still; be still until the sunlight pours through and
dispels the mists—as it surely will. Then, act with courage.”~White Eagle

There indeed may be doubt and it does take a bit of courage to begin clearing those mists. Sometimes they envelop us like a warm blanket and it feels safe. Many times it’s easier to travel the path you know, surrounded by mist but when you “dispel the mists” you may just find something wonderful! So be still. Sit silent and turn your attention with. Allow the sunlight, the very energy of the universe, to burn away any mist! Lift the veils! Awaken to a new day to see what is revealed!

YOU in all your glory have a choice! You are beautiful loving spirit! Clear the mists and you may even find a sunlit path that has always been there just waiting for you to see it!  Shine your Light~Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2010-2012 All rights reserved
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7 thoughts on “Lift the Veils & Clear the Mists!

  1. Actually, I want to ask why no “ands”? I was under the impression that saying, for instance, “I want a job that treats me well AND pays me well” or “I want to find a beautiful man who is funny AND single AND attracted to me” were okay. Was there another meaning?

    1. Whoops, this was on the wrong post. I got confused. 😛 Classic Renuka move. I’m going to put this on the right post.

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