When we were children we were taught to STOP LOOK & LISTEN before we crossed the street. When we got older and learned to drive we were told to do this before driving over the railroad tracks.

I think this is a VERY good thing to be reminded of NOW! What it comes down to is AWARENESS! Awareness of both body AND spirit.

On a daily basis, I routinely see people on their cell phones, walking and talking, driving and talking, texting and walking….driving and talking, driving and texting…..I’m sure you get the idea and have seen or maybe even done this yourself!

Just yesterday I saw someone crossing the street while texting, not paying attention to the traffic signals, and they walked right into oncoming traffic. 

A minute later I watched as someone drove through a red light while talking on the phone almost hitting another car!  They had little to no awareness of what they were doing or where they were going!

Awareness encompasses many things and sometimes one can spend a lot of time with their attention on everything and everyone else.  When was the last time you checked in with yourself?

Where is your attention and where has it been? Are you aware of what your body and spirit have been trying to communicate to you? When was the last time you took a moment to STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN with awareness to yourself?

You have internal “stop lights” that tell you many things. At times you are prompted to stop and look both ways before you proceed. Other times it will tell you to proceed with caution and yet at other times you just know you have the green light go ahead!

This internal traffic light is your intuition! When you turn your attention and awareness within, YOU are in the driver’s seat! Being aware of your physical body and its surroundings IS a part of your energetic awareness!  

If you don’t feel like you are in the driver’s seat, take note that you may be following someone else’s traffic signal! If you are stopped and feeling stuck in your life, it may mean that you just need to clear out all the “traffic”! 🙂

Trust yourself and your intuition! You know where you want to go and how to get there! So take a moment to STOP “doing”. LOOK to see where your awareness is and LISTEN to what your mind, body, spirit and soul is communicating to you! Shine your light~Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2010

For nearly 20 years Debra has been doing clairvoyant readings, spiritual healings/coaching and teaching meditation workshops. She has been a featured guest on Wings of Love and Visible by Numbers radio broadcasts and will soon be available to follow on Twitter! (Don’t know about you but I Tink dat’s Tweet!) 🙂

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9 thoughts on “STOP, LOOK, & LISTEN…Be Aware!

  1. I will endeavour to stop, look and listen more intently to what my mind, body and soul tell me next week.
    Thank you, Debbie for reminding me to wake up and take control – now with both hands on the wheel – I feel confident that I will arrive at my destination safely.

  2. hhhmmm so true in this chaotic and hustle n bustle of Life…Go slow …n Listen!
    Thanks for this wonderful reminder!

  3. Hi Debbie!

    My awareness get sucked away while working on the computer.. when I’m focusing on my work I tend to block out other things. Which can become a problem when other tasks are neglected. 😦

    I actually am much more aware when I’m out – I don’t text (never have) and my cell is only for emergencies.. so when I’m out I interact with…. PEOPLE! And it’s great! ♪☮☯♪

    Hugs to you,


  4. It is wonderful to have awarness in life. It comes in small doses sometimes but for me the key has been to become that awarness. To live in it daily and allow it to become as much a part of me as all the other habbits I posses. It is the beginning of the silence that can open myself to a new way or understanding about things. Thanks Debbie I love you very much 🙂


    1. The wonderful thing about awareness is that the more you awaken to who you are the more aware you become! You are so right Thomas it does become a habit, so to speak, and a part of you! Thank you for the great comment! Love ya back! 🙂

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