A Legacy of Love:Sara Bank~Sept 25, 1908-March 12,2011

In Loving Memory of my Grandma Sara Bank

Before descending into this world, the soul is emanated from the mystery of the highest level. While in this world, she is completed and fulfilled by this lower world. Departing this world, she is filled with the fullness of all the worlds, the world above and the world below.”  The Essential Kabbalah

On Friday September 25, 1908 as the Kaufman family was preparing for Rosh Hashana which would begin at sundown, Clara, my Great Grandmother, at 7 months pregnant was scrubbing the floors and went into labor.  There was no time to get the Doctor so my Great Great Grandmother, Viniziana, delivered a miracle into the world. A little baby girl, her Grandaughter, my Grandma, Sara Bank (nee Kaufman.)  As the story goes, being premature my GG Grandma knew the baby needed to stay extra warm so she wrapped her in cotton batting, put her in a roasting pan and into the oven. On her way to get the Doctor she ran down the street screaming “Clara had her baby, Clara had her baby!” I’ve never tired of hearing that story.

What makes the beginning of her story so poignant is that my Grandma could not wait to begin her journey of life & love and therefore it’s fitting that she wanted to stay for as long as possible on this earth. For well over 102 years my Grandma graced us with a beautiful presence. I feel very fortunate and blessed to have a Grandma whose spirit wanted so much to be a part of living, loving, sharing and caring for so long. In my Grandma’s eyes I could do no wrong. In fact, in her eyes, I’m perfect in every way and walk on water! I can’t even imagine what life will be without hearing “OOOOOO Debbie, I love you so much!’

I could tell you stories about sleep overs, going to see the Christmas lights and the live sheep in the nativity scene then McDonalds. I could tell you about the little game we played every Passover when she would sneak me pieces of my favorite Pastel then yell at me to stop eating it or there wouldn’t be enough, yet she’d actually made a smaller 2nd one. I could tell you how only a few month’s ago we were having breakfast and she said “Debbie, you know what I need? I need a boyfriend. A younger man cause anyone my age is just too old.” Yes I could go on and on with wonderful stories but what they all come down to is LOVE. Pure, all-encompassing LOVE!

My Grandma taught us how to love so deeply that it transcends everything. Her  whole life was a love story. She taught us about the power of love. Not just any love but that unconditional love that we search for and is written about in sonnets. Of course she was human and bickered, held grudges, and there were some people she just plain didn’t like but lady that she was, she was always cordial; BUT when it came to the grandchildren and great-grandchildren, well, we  walked on water. and we ALL were her favorites. Personally, I think this is how a Grandma is supposed to be. Grandma’s understand unconditional love when it comes to their Grandchildren and Grandchildren experience and learn this love from their Grandma’s. It is the grandest legacy anyone can leave. The legacy of love.

These last few years I loved watching Gram watch US at family gatherings. She would sit and look around at all of us talking and just beam with joy. This past month I went to see her every other day and honestly I wouldn’t give back one moment of that time. I will cherish the day after we were told she probably wouldn’t make it until morning and I arrived to find her sitting in a chair smiling. That very day she beat me at gin….twice! Those Doctors didn’t know my Grandma! 🙂

We got to ‘hang out’ and had some very special loving moments. Those moments allowed us many many kisses and time to tell each other I love you and that everything would be OK when she decided to leave. In the end, no regrets, nothing left unsaid, only LOVE.

The earlier quote from the Kabbalah said that the soul is emanated from the mystery of the highest level. That mystery is LOVE. Grandma lived that love and passed it on to US and to all who knew her. My Grandma left fulfilled, loved and complete. She departed this world filled with the fullness of all the worlds, the world above and the world below….the world of love.

In loving memory of my Grandma Sara. She is dancing with the angels and walking hand in hand with her beloved, my Grandpa. I love you Grandma!

©Debra Taitel 2011 All rights reserved


7 thoughts on “A Legacy of Love:Sara Bank~Sept 25, 1908-March 12,2011

  1. Debbie, this is a lovely tribute to your Grandma. In her picture she truly
    glows and looks like a lady I would love to have known.
    My condolences to you and your family.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful tribute to your Grandma, Debbie … It brought back some fond memories of my Nana who died many years ago.

    So lovely to read the special bond that you and your family shared with her … and she looks truly beautiful in this photo.

    Loads of love to you my friend

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