Spiritual Identity Crisis? It’s more common than you think….

Why is it we seem to like placing definitions on things? Maybe it’s simply to give us a common word to describe a person, place or thing or maybe it’s how we try to make sense of an ever-changing world. What was once acceptable is now no longer “PC” (politically correct) and so we change the words we use to define those things and hopefully clear any negative energy or judgement which somehow became attached.

Definitions have a tendency to put you into “group” and do not honor the unique person you are. When you strongly identify with a “group” you tend to take on the energy and it is possible to lose a bit of your unique divine energy which exists separate from that group in the process. It’s not a bad thing to be a part of a group but it’s important to know yourself and not let it overshadow who you are as spirit. If you begin to judge those not in the group that is a sign you’ve lost your space to the group energy!

Who, what or how do you identify yourself? Is it words you identify with? Do you identify with a word someone else placed upon you? Does a “group” define you or do you identify most strongly with the spiritual part of you?

As we make the shift from an egocentric, entitled, body based world into a more spiritual realm many people stand at a crossroad as they clear how they view themselves and live their lives. What once seemed important now takes a back seat as they rediscover spirit. When body based energies and lies are released everything is questioned and those energies coming out seemingly create a whirlwind of chaos and drama. Inner journeys are very much like the blooming of a rose. As they are nurtured and nourished by light, earth and rain they slowly open until finally in full bloom; but keep in mind as the rose blooms the delicate petals are exposed to the elements and they open layer by layer. 🙂

Awakening to yourself as an eternal spirit and blooming is not easy because as you do you must take responsibility and ownership of the energies you matched and what or who you identified with in the past. Having a spiritual identity crisis is you beginningto make separation with all that is NOT you. If you’ve taken on an identity based on someone else’s perception of you, when you finally awaken to who you really are it feels a bit like your life is unraveling one thread at a time. The good news is you slowly begin to see and know the truth.

Here’s some food for thought to meditate on: Maybe transformation isn’t really transformation at all. Maybe it’s more about you returning to the truth of who you are as an eternal spirit in a human body. Maybe all you need to do is recognize your own vibration and bring more of it in. Maybe the crisis isn’t a crisis. Maybe it’s your energy shining so brightly you find yourself fixated on all that is NOT you as it clears.  When you connect with your own spiritual essence and truly identify with spirit, life will still have its ups and downs but darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. Maybe all of this isn’t about transformation after all….maybe it’s about returning to spirit and living a spiritual life full of love, passion and the knowledge you are eternal.~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2012 All rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “Spiritual Identity Crisis? It’s more common than you think….

  1. Brilliant and insightful as always, Debra! I love the concept of transformation being about returning to the truth of who we are as eternal spirits in human bodies. The past few weeks have seen some intense changes in my personal life and I have reminded myself often of how this is about transformation – I was beginning to get the sense that a lot of these changes have been about bringing me back to my inner truth, about ‘recovering’ this inner essence – your post is a timely affirmation of what I have been sensing. Thank you!

    1. What lovely comment Juanita! Thank you for sharing the validation/affirmation you received from reading it! That’s why I write these posts. It brings my heart great joy when it validates the journey of another. Blessings on an ever changing journey to YOU! 🙂

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