Connect with Spirit and Breathe Life into your Life!

BREATHE! Inhale freely, exhale freely. Can you feel it? There is LIFE in your breath. There is life-sustaining energy in your breath yet for the most part, you don’t think about breathing; You just do it. While there are beautiful moments which ‘take your breath away’ in the metaphorical sense, there are times when we need a reminder to allow our breath to fuel us with passion and breathe new life into our lives. Connecting with your spirit to remember what’s important also breathes life into your life!

In the world today there are many challenges to face. Some are bigger than others and at some point each of us arrives at a crossroads which can feel overwhelming if we are not connected with our passion, essence and spirit. When you become engrossed in problems, constant worry, lament about the past or become fearful of what the future might bring, you become disconnected from your physical body and your inner light. Anything which takes your attention outside of you can cause this disconnect.

I recently taught a workshop on past lives and karma. My goal for the workshop was to teach people how to ground and re-connect to their infinite spirit as a way to explore who they are now. Becoming aware of how much more you have experienced through other lifetimes can showcase your spirit to you in a powerful way. I honestly didn’t realize the true impact of this workshop until I began receiving emails from those who attended. I’m sharing what Michael wrote (with his permission of course 🙂 ) not as a pat on the back to me but because it’s a true testament to the power of how connecting with your spirit can heal. It is also precisely why I do readings, teach workshops and write this blog.

I want to thank you for that last meditation workshop. It was one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve had in a long time and has helped me to remember how important spirituality was in my life and how I’ve put it aside for so long. Especially now with so much of my future unclear, exploring what made me feel in touch with life and what was/is so important to me is really what I’ve needed. So thank you. ~Michael

Michael thank YOU for reminding me why I do what I do! You did the work. I merely taught you a few meditation tools and guided you through it 🙂  There are few things more fulfilling than watching as someone re-connects and begins to realize how much more they are than their circumstances. Perhaps what Michael expressed in how he was feeling before the workshop resonates with you?

YOU are so much more than your present circumstances!

Your spirit has lifetimes of information. When you tap into that information, you indeed awaken to the fact that all your answers lie within. The first step to connecting to your spirit is to breathe! Simply focusing on your breath brings your attention back to YOU. It is in the space of quieting your mind and calming the body when you start the process of re-connecting.

Breath in freely and get in touch with life! Breath in freely and remember what’s important! Exhale away your problems, challenges and pain! Re-connect and get reacquainted with the infinite being that you are and breathe life and energy into your life! Breath in freely, exhale freely and by all means while your at it, take a moment to smell the flowers! 🙂 ~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel  2011 All rights reserved

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