Clearing Karma

Capitol Hill Siege: Clearing Past Life Trauma and Karma

Clearing Karma

“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”

Abraham Lincoln

I was deeply affected and upset by what happened on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021, even though I saw the trans-medium tsunami wave take hold well before the violence of the day happened. That said, I also knew that an epiphany was coming on the day of epiphany.

I know we live in a world filled with diverse energies, beliefs, and passionate emotions. In my soul practice I choose to provide hope and healing in my messages, and yet I cannot, WE cannot turn a blind eye to what’s going on in the world.

What we witnessed is the history that changed public consciousness.

As a clairvoyant, I’m used to connecting with spirit and past lives probably more than many but I was not prepared for my reaction as I watched the siege on Capitol Hill. I also was not prepared to see that a lot of other people, experienced a similar triggering.

I was not prepared for the emotions, the fear, or the disgust for those who could not see the programming as they and did the bidding of other entities both in and out of the body. I was most surprised, however, by the images that started to come to mind almost immediately.

I quite literally had present time flashbacks of several past lives.

It was like watching something out of a sci-fi movie. All the images showed up at once. It gave a whole new meaning to “my life flashed in front of my eyes” except that it was lives plural, as in more than one. Simultaneously.

I saw my life as a child during WW II as the German army laid siege to my little town. I remembered feeling afraid and helpless as we were rounded up. The children, me included, were separated from our parents and put in transport jeeps. We were terrified.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, I had a flashback of my life in Russia as I watched a large group of people paraded through the village in chains. The people had their heads bowed and complied yet they were pushed and shoved. You could feel their terror and see it in their eyes but I was helpless to do anything to help them.

I flashed back to the European witch trials, the Spanish Inquisition, the Civil War when I was a slave, and a host of other lives and timeframes. Sometimes things happened to me. Other times I was simply a witness to events. It’s possible that in some of these lives I didn’t have a human body and was there for the soul’s purpose of learning. Some images were pleasant but most, not so much.

I wanted to turn my head away from the screen and yet, I knew I needed to watch. To bear witness to history once again.

For the most part, I cried, or more to the point, I grieved my way through the day. I probably experienced every emotion imaginable including anger, rage, and yes, fear. I gave myself space for all of it and then I sat down to actually look at what was happening.

As I went deeper into clairvoyantly looking at the various past lives, MY epiphany came. I watched wave after wave of pain being released on a huge scale.

I was not only processing and releasing various energies from this lifetime, but I was also processing and releasing trauma and karma from my past lives.

And it wasn’t just me. I saw that large groups of people from all over the world were also releasing the same trauma and karma. It was the ultimate release and it was happening right before both my spiritual and physical eyes.

Usually, I have some hopeful advice to raise you up but this post was to share my experience. I will say that historically after these types of karma clearing events comes a period of healing and forgiveness. I expect this to happen as we move forward.

As far as what happened and why…

Yes, the event was the catalyst to complete karmic cycles. Yes, the event was designed to trigger a release. Yes, forgiveness and healing will follow, and yes, with hope for a better tomorrow, we witnessed the collective consciousness open up with abrupt awareness.~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Fulfilling your Souls Purpose; A Work In Progress

Il Duomo renovation 2005

On our soul’s evolutionary path we have incarnated many lifetimes. There is a reason and purpose for why we chose this particular time to live in a physical body. We are always evolving and expanding and every lifetime is a “work in progress”.

Our divine spirits chose a physical body, specific gender and made “agreements” with our families. There are things that we wanted to experience in the physical or we would not have chosen to be born.

Choosing to take a body also includes choosing a path to fulfilling your soul’s purpose. There are many paths and the original one you chose may have changed over time. No matter which path you take you can embrace it, change direction or resist it; But regardless of changing, embracing or resisting you will complete the work you came here to do.

Your life is a work in progress and as such, you are learning, expanding and bringing energies from past lifetimes into the present. It is said that all roads lead to Rome; Well, all roads also lead you to fulfilling your soul’s purpose which includes integrating the knowledge and experience from other lifetimes into this one. In other words, we are the sum total of all those lifetimes and we are now in a time to consciously begin to integrate all that we are and all that we know from those lives and this current one.

The day-to-day challenges you face are learning experiences all of which are a part of your “work in progress“. Not because they are challenging but because they are constant reminders of what you are working on. With awareness you can choose to meet these challenges by deciding if you want your energy and attention in them (leaving no room for you to create something new), resisting them (resistance causes challenges to grow until you clear the resistance) or transcend them by reminding yourself of your inner strength of spirit and who you are.

A lot of what is experienced in the physical is about clearing energies that are not you! You are love, pure love, and you are returning to the oneness of love. The challenges you face are outside of you and each time you remember who you are, you become the creator and facilitator of your journey. Fulfilling your soul’s purpose does not just encompass only this lifetime. It may take many lifetimes both in and out of the body but each lifetime has a purpose in and of its own.

A real life example of how a work in progress grows and expands is the Il Duomo cathedral in Milan, Italy. The first stone was laid in 1386 and was completed in 1965! Even now there are uncarved stones which have yet to be completed into statues. There was a major facade renovation from February 2003 – 2009 to restore Il Duomo to its grandeur by removing centuries of grime and restoring what the elements damaged so we could once again see the colours of the Candoglia marble. Talk about a work in progress!

As a work in progress there are times you need to clear a facade to show yourself, remove the grime (energies you pick up along the way) and restore yourself to show the splendor of your being. Whether you are updating by bringing back energies “stuck” in other lifetimes or clearing concepts, untruths or programming from this lifetime it all comes down to YOU. One of the wonderful things about working with energy is that you may be able to complete some of the “hard” work sooner. Why take an entire physical lifetime when you can take charge consciously and use your time here on earth to create and ease your journey of expansion?!

There is always a process and always progress. The more you bring your energy and attention back to you, the more you move toward fulfilling your soul’s purpose. Many don’t even know what their purpose is and that’s ok, it will be revealed in its own time. Just know you have strength and fortitude to move forward on your journey. There is a purpose and you can live a life of joyful work knowing your divine spirit is progressing and expanding….or not. It’s your choice.~Shine Your Light Debbie
©Debra Taitel 2013 All Rights Reserved
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