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This post is to answer your questions about energy, healing and spirit. The questions come from real people and the answers given are not the ONLY answers but merely a brief snapshot of what could be a full blog post in and of themselves. In the future I’ll post more of these so feel free to ask questions on my Spiritlightinsight Clairvoyant Readings by Debra Facebook Page.

Steve asks: “What percent of a person do you think is special and unique from everyone else?  My theory is that although everyone is unique, we all have more in common than difference.  And that for some it means finding that unique energy, and for others, it means losing the unique energy to fit in with society.  What is your experience when working with others?”

Answer: In reading your question I see two very unique thoughts coming through. If I were to assign a percentage it would be 100%. Each and every one of us has a unique energy. No ones energy is exactly the same as another. No two people create or vibrate in the same way and each of us have different thought processes in addition to our ‘being-ness’. Yes, we have a lot in common however we are individuals. One never loses their unique energy but one might be living from someone else’s truth. Working with clients what I see most often is they have accepted programming, invalidation and/or limits as their own truth. In a reading session I guide them back to their own truth and unique energy. A simple ‘hello’ to someone’s spirit acknowledges them as being more than their circumstances and allows them to heal, take back their power and feel ‘visible’ in a world where often times one feels invisible and insignificant.

Cindy asks: “How does one heal with the loss of  someone?”

Answer: This is one of the most difficult things to do and I truly think everyone heals in their own way and their own time. When I work with clients healing from loss of a loved one the first thing I do is help them release the energy grief of others so they can heal their own grief. When someone passes they collect up their energy to take their step out of the body. This is why one feels ’empty’. Focus on the beautiful memories and give yourself time. The physical body needs time to heal and the grieving process and release is a part of it. Embrace the process and know the person (or pet) will forever be in your heart and that their spirit is alive and well on the other side. There many resources to help you heal. Psychic Medium Mark Anthony’s book “Never Letting Go”  is about healing with help from the other side. He also has a wonderful FB group called “Never Letting Go”.

Psychic Medium Allie Cheslick asks:  “Why are there folks in the Metaphysical community who preach non judgment but then do exactly the opposite?”

Answer: It’s called spiritual competition and sadly it’s prevalent in the metaphysical community. Judgement is an energy and one of the reasons it takes over is because the “judges” have lost their space to fame, or their clients and/or students. Unfortunately this occasionally translates to them judging clients as well. It’s invalidating when one is not acknowledged as a human being with feelings who is hurting and desperately seeking answers and/or in need of a healing.  As a part of the metaphysical community my goal is to own my space and not get caught up in what I call the psychic drama of who’s the best and most accurate. It’s not for us to judge or become the authority for someone else. There are many healing modalities, types of readings, styles etc. One way is not necessarily better than another one. For me it’s about healing the spirit and guiding a client to find their own truth because ultimately every person has the answers they seek within them. Sometimes people just need a bit of help healing to get ‘unstuck’ so they can see the bigger picture and find their own truth.

My answers may not be your answers nor do I answer for the entire metaphysical community but that’s my 2 cents worth (hopefully) from neutral! 🙂 ~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Have you noticed any recurring patterns in your life?  Patterns are those experiences in life that play out much like an old record album going round & round, over & over again. In other words you find yourself in the same situations responding in a similar way time and time again.

Patterns are different for each person but I’m guessing there are at least one or two that you’ve noticed in your life. It could be in the realm of relationships and love, giving up on something right before complete success, bringing in money only to get hit with an unexpected expense almost immediately,  or it could be that you find extreme moments of happiness only to get slammed moments later.

If you take a moment to think about it, you might find that in each instance you were literally waiting to be invalidated or for something to go wrong. While waiting for some disaster to strike, you didn’t truly get to enjoy what came in for you!

If you have convinced yourself that you choose the wrong relationships, have negative people or drama in your life and/or you will never have what you want…guess what? There’s a good chance your prophecy will come to pass! This is part of a pattern!

Patterns do happen and once you become aware of a particular pattern you can clear it. When I look at the energy clairvoyantly there are often symbols, agreements or energy cords involved. The challenge in clearing patterns is being able to find the underlying ‘picture’, if you will, vs getting caught up in the drama of WHY it’s there and WHY it keeps happening.

Patterns are almost always connected to lessons you want to learn or old energies you want to clear. If you continue to ask WHY or you are waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop, the universe is going to grant your wish  by bringing the lesson to your attention once again so you can find your answer! It is when you look deeper to find the underlying energy and lesson you are learning  that things will begin to change in a major way for you.

Clearing patterns in your life is a matter of getting to the heart of it all. Think of it like peeling an onion. You peel off one layer then there’s another layer than another until finally you get the middle. Life is like that too. 

How about getting to the heart of it first? What if  instead of asking WHY you looked for the ANSWER!? In life many answers are actually found when you ask the right question. Ask the right question to dissolve and dismantle patterns from the past that don’t serve you.

Begin with a new question and thought process to forever change your life! Starting today ask for answers and create a brand new, brighter tomorrow! ~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2010 All rights reserved 


Debra is a clairvoyant reader, spiritual healer, intuitive coach and teacher helping people worldwide to awaken to their truth and heal the human spirit. For more information, to schedule a reading/coaching session and information on upcoming workshops & events please visit her website or send an email to Debra@Spiritlightinsight.com.