Remember the game “Simon Says” from when you were a child? Follow these steps just for fun!  Come on it’s just a game:-) Simon says raise your left hand. Simon says put your hands on your hips. Simon says touch your toes. Simon says touch your nose.  Simon says clap your hands. Simon says blink your eyes. Touch your head. Simon says wiggle your toes. Simon says “say HOORAH!” Wasn’t that fun?! 🙂 Did you do everything Simon said? Maybe you found it silly or perhaps it made you smile to think of how it fun it was when you were little!

Now let me ask you something….did you touch your head? Did Simon say to do it? Of course if you didn’t touch your head OK, you know the game! If you did touch your head, well it’s just a game isn’t it? Or is it? 🙂 Practically from the time you are born you are “taught” to follow the rules, do what you’re told, mind your manners, don’t speak until you are spoken to etc.  You have to ask permission to do something or someone has to tell you to do it before you do.  Now of course, this is good for children but what happens when that energy carries over to your adult life?

The game Simon Says is actually a good example of programming and how it can control YOU. Simon, the control, tells you to do something and you do it. If Simon doesn’t say it…well, YOU LOST. You failed! You’re out of the game! No one WANTS to lose and not be a part of the game anymore! After all, your FRIENDS are still playing and YOU lost! 😦 Early on you figure out that the next time you play the game, all you have to do is make sure that you don’t do ANYTHING unless Simon Says you should do it.

Do you or did you have a “Simon” in your life? Are you waiting for Simon to say you can DO something? Or the flip side….are you spending so much time responding to all the rules and responsibility heaped upon you that you forget about creating your dream? Do you have a passion for something but find yourself waiting until….(you fill in the rest there)? Did someone at some point in your life tell you “YOU CAN’T DO THAT”? Are you waiting to be validated for your brilliant idea before you move forward with it? More importantly did you follow someone else’s “rules” about how your life should be up to this point?

Perhaps you answered “yes” to one or more of those questions. Well, I don’t know who Simon is but from a clairvoyant perspective I see controls and programming at work all the time. Many of the people I read are living their lives as “they are supposed to”.  Think about it this way, did anyone ever say to you “you’re out of control!” Now I ask you whose control are you out of? Can you imagine how my parents would have reacted if I responded to the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” with “I WANT TO BE A CLARIVOYANT HEALER!” Call me kooky but I’m pretty much thinking that might not have gone over too well!

When you become aware of and release the “Simon says” pictures that are indeed a part of all of us, you begin to heal the part of you that stops you from being who you truly are. The more of your own energy you bring in, and the more you focus on your own dreams….the more can create!

A wonderful friend of mine, Hemal Radia, Manifesting &  Law of Attraction,  has written this lovely quote “When we are doing what we are doing for the love of doing it, very present moment oriented, we are creating magic.” There’s a lot of truth in those words. When you become your own “Simon”, you can create your own magic! Follow your dreams & passions and come alive with the possibilities! Do what you love for the love of doing it, not because it’s what you “should” do. There is no time like the present to take a moment, look inside yourself and find your magic! If you’re having a challenge with this…I’ll help you out:-) SIMON SAYS FIND YOUR MAGIC!

As always, you are free to post your comments here, send an email with your questions, and/or visit my website  Shine your light! Debbie


  1. As I was reading this it reminded me of another children’s game that tended to program us to “do as we’re told.” That one was “Mother May I”. Similar to “Simon Says” there was one person telling us to do things and we had to ask, “Mother May I” before we were allowed to do it and if we forgot we were “out.” BTW…I love the quote by Hemal Radia. Thank you. Love and Light.

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