rainbowIn recent weeks I’ve had the opportunity to look at fear. It’s not that difficult in this economy as so many people are afraid of losing their jobs, homes, businesses. There is fear of the unknown, fear of making the wrong decision, fear of being alone, fear of being IN a relationship, fear of change… One can even be afraid of success! I’m sure you get the idea. Many people don’t even know they are living with and focusing on fear.  I know and have read many very capable, SELF AWARE people who in some area of thier life,  are living from a place of fear and they don’t even realise it.

You could be in toxic relationship for fear of being alone. Stay in the same job you hate out of fear you can’t create a new opportunity. You might not allow a relationship to flourish or take a step (make a change) toward something (or someone) as it’s SAFER to continue on the same path. You might be afraid to venture out to a new place, discover a wonderful new activity or meet new people and make NEW beautiful friends.

If the sun was afraid of the storms, we wouldn’t have rainbows! If the rainbow was afraid of the clouds it wouldn’t shine it’s multitude of light prisms arched along the sky, proud and colorful! OK that’s a stretch but think about it for a moment…Who knows better than YOU what’s right for YOU? What step would you like to take that might be controlled by some underlying fear? Is there something you’d like to create but are afraid it (or YOU) will be rejected or might, dare I say, fail? Could there be a time in your life when you got hurt and there’s a fear that if you take a particular step it might happen again? What would you do if you actually succeeded in the thing you desire most? Think for a moment about what it is your heart truly desires and notice if any fear about it comes up. Sometimes I sense  a little voice that says “oh, you can’t do THAT!”

In his inaugural speech FDR said “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” I don’t know about you but I find truth in these words. When you are in fear you retreat or hide and in many ways it can stop your growth or colour your decisions.

So what is this thing called fear anyway? Fear is an ENERGY! I suppose I should begin by mentioning that there IS fear related to REAL danger with regards to your survival. It’s the picture that says “RUN! THE LION CHASING YOU IS GOING TO EAT YOU!” Now that kind of fear sets you to running. It is your body’s natural fight or flight response and rightly so…it’s called survival! However since you aren’t going to get eaten by a lion in the near future, at least one would hope not, I’m talking about the ENERGY of fear.  The interesting thing is that  the energy of fear can produce the same reaction!

In a clairvoyant reading I see the energy of fear as a reaction to some already present form of invalidation, programming or pain you haven’t let go of. It can even be SOMEONE ELSE’S ENERGY (fear) IN YOUR SPACE.  The “why is it there”  is completely different for each individual as each person is not working on the same thing BUT the bottom line is; When these pictures or energies are stimulated, fear takes over and they can become your TRUTH and get in the way of your decisions. Fear pictures challenge your SAFETY and ability to TRUST yourself! You might find yourself running for your life or unable to “advance” as a wise FDR once said.

At this point you may be asking “so what do I do about it?”  You can CLEAR IT! 🙂  I teach a wonderful meditation technique called grounding.  It is a simple yet powerful tool for clearing energy. Grounding makes the body SAFE and when your body feels safe you can begin to release and clear all that is not YOU. If you are not familiar with grounding, creating intent and focus on clearing while in meditation can work as well. Then fill up and vibrate your entire being with what it is YOU want! Once you’ve cleared, you have the space to TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH (in yourself) and move forward again!

When you are grounded, you are not only SAFE  you are able to clear. When you clear you can then begin to vibrate more in alignment with who you are and your own truth. As you move forward again, you begin to TRUST yourself more and more! The more trust in your ability to create your hearts desire the closer you will be to receiving what you want! Allow your own, personal rainbow of light to shine through the clouds:-) FEAR NOT! “THE ONLY THING TO FEAR IS FEAR ITSELF!” 

If you would like a reading to help you clear or would like more information on clairvoyant readings, you are welcome to  visit my website at http://www.Spiritlightinsight.com. In the near future, I’m considering a teleseminar  meditation workshop on clearing fear. If you are interested in this type of workshop, please send me an email. http://www.Debra@Spiritlightinsight.com.

Shine Your Light! Debbie


  1. Great post! I can see myself in a couple of those examples. Sometimes recognizing it and identifying it takes away some of Fear’s influence. 🙂

    Throwing Fear on the floor and stomping on it can help, too! (Just kidding.)

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