There are miracles happening every day in every corner of the world. Put down your worries and stress. What you carry with you is a burden. It weighs you down and stops you from experiencing and seeing the miracles unfold before your very eyes. Living your own miracle is simple because YOU are the miracle; the extraordinary event considered divine. Every birth including your own is divine and a miracle! Think about it. You are not just particles and molecules. You are energy vibration made solid.

In fact YOU and your energy system are a world in and of itself. You have energy centers (chakras) which spin and generate energy creating an aura of colors that surround you. As spirit you have a beautiful energy and knowledge beyond this current lifetime. You have power and strength. What you seek outside of you is already inside of you if you choose to look. Inside of you there are miracles to behold! The question becomes do you truly want to see? Do you truly want to know yourself and what you are capable of? Do you truly want to wake up?

If the answer is ‘yes’ I must caution you that once you awaken to your true nature and abilities you can’t turn them off. You might be able to turn away from what you find for a time but as they say ‘you can run but you can no longer hide’. Awakening means facing reality, clearing resistance and taking responsibility for yourself, your actions and words. You will find you are not crazy, broken, damaged or need fixing. You will find the energy of forgiveness and the power it has to heal.

I say these things not to stop you but so you understand that if you’ve lived your entire life a certain way your awakening might feel a bit uncomfortable at first. You may have identified with or have been living from someone else’s pictures of who you are. It’s very much like waking up after a nightmare. What you experienced in your sleep might linger and disturb you for a time but you’re happy to be awake and back to the reality of life. Remember Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol”, Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” or George Baily in “It’s a Wonderful Life”? Although they are fictional characters there is a part of watching them wake up that we all relate to.


As we entire into 2012 it is time. It is time to wake up. Step into yourself and feel solid. Feel the miracle of your heart beating. Step into your knowledge and see. Speak and live being true to yourself. Honor and follow your passion, hopes and dreams. Step into the core of your being the source for creativity and your power. Step up and forgive yourself and others. It is a new day full of clarity. Step into your body, care for it AND your energy system. Generate energy full of love, peace and compassion. Nestle yourself in the center of a universe filled with joy and happiness.

As you awaken to the miracle that lies within and step into it you no longer need to look outside yourself for answers. You will see life and nature and others as miracles. Living and seeing yourself as a miracle full of love attracts those doing the same and heals (if they want the healing) those who wish to be a part of your life. See yourself standing as a blaze of color in all your glory. This is not selfish for the miracles you see within are the miracles you will see in others but the only way to do this is BEHOLD THE MIRACLE OF YOU! ~Shine Your Light Debbie

Photo ©Kate Janes

©Debra Taitel 2011 All rights reserved

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