Resisting Growth…Resistance is futile!

As many of you know I’m a runner. I don’t run fast, I will never win in a race unless of course it is to beat my own personal time and yet I keep running. 🙂 Yes, I run in the rain, sleet & snow and somehow get through it feeling that I have accomplished something and can move on to what’s next.

This morning, despite the wind warnings, I headed out for my run saying as I walked out the door “wind, you can’t stop me today, bring it on!” As I was running against the wind like a mime merely running in place, I began to resist it and get angry. Once the resistance kicked in and I started to get angry it seemed as if  the wind was holding me back even more!

Now of course I can’t control the wind so why was I resisting in the first place? It was only making me angry and miserable! At that moment I decided to slow down a bit and stop resisting. It was OK if the run was going to take a little longer and the benefit was I could enjoy listening to my Ipod!

The moment I stopped resisting, the run seemed to get EASIER! Well, maybe not easier but at the very least I was enjoying the process! As you probably can figure out, when I turned around at the 1/2 way point, the same wind that I had been resisting, was pushing me along. I was running more comfortably, smoothly and a whole lot faster! In fact, almost 5 minutes faster than my “normal” 4 mile time! Hmmm…AH HA! 🙂

It was then that I started thinking about what happens when you resist a GROWTH PERIOD.  A growth period  is exactly what it sounds like…. a period of growth AND you are always in one! The thing about a growth period is that you may not necessarily be enjoying it! It’s OK not to enjoy it but are you RESISTING it?

Well, I have one and only one thing to say about that….WHAT YOU RESIST, PERSISTS!  You don’t necessarily have to be enjoying your growth period BUT if you resist, it will take longer to move through and that could even mean years not weeks or days! 

Think about what’s going on in your life right now. Are you enjoying your current growth period or do you feel like you’re running against the winds of change seemingly standing still? Are you happy or angry about what’s going on in your life? Are you in effort and resisting ALL or any part of your present time situation?

Whether it’s your love life/relationship status, job, income, (or lack thereof), or even your body weight, if you find you are in resistance to any or all of what’s going on in your life…CLEAR THE RESISTANCE! LET IT GO!

Grounding and meditation is a great way to let go of resistance. As you clear, you will find that your growth period will immediately begin to have movement and flow. You’ll move through it faster and before you know it…you’ll be in a  BRAND NEW (and hopefully more enjoyable) growth period!

Clearing resistance works with WHATEVER or WHOMEVER you are resisting as well! So what the heck! Let go of the resistance and go with your flow! Breath in the good air, breath out the resistance! Run with the wind and allow it to gently push you along!  🙂 Thank you for reading!  And by all means…..Shine Your Light~Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2010

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For nearly 20 years Debra has been doing clairvoyant readings, spiritual healings and teaching meditation workshops. She has been a featured guest on the Wings of Love and Visible by Numbers radio broadcasts.

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