Money. It's just paper...

A Book, A Coffee Cup or Money?

Money. It's just paper...

Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Pitts

“This planet has – or rather had – a problem, which was this: most of the people living on it were unhappy for pretty much of the time. Many solutions were suggested for this problem, but most of these were largely concerned with the movement of small green pieces of paper, which was odd because on the whole it wasn’t the small green pieces of paper that were unhappy.”~Douglas Adams

Is there something you see in the picture that holds more value to you than the other things? Which would you rather have? A Book? A coffee cup? Money?

As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed one day I came across this picture taken by my friend Jonathan Pitts with the words “Today, through my travels, I’ve got Dollars, Euros, and Pounds at the same time. Because of that I’m reminded that they’re just paper.”

A profound statement to be sure. Although he was referring to the ‘currency’ from different countries it struck me that ALL of the items pictured are made of paper and it is merely how we think about those items that gives them value.

If you could pick just one of the items pictured which one would you pick? While we most certainly (at least I sincerely hope we) value books, surely we don’t value a coffee cup the same way. While we might think highly of both the book or coffee cup if given a choice of all three items we would, more than likely, choose the money.

Why wouldn’t we? It has the most value right? I should also ask, which currency you chose because all of them have different values.  Unless you trade currency or are a world traveler or banker, you probably picked the one that has the most value to YOU.

As of today we would have to pay $1.09 USD to buy one Euro and $1.29 USD to buy one British Pound. The British Pound is more valuable according to currency markets. You did pick the British Pound right? Value is a funny thing when we realize it’s simply a piece of paper that we, as a society or country, have assigned a value.

At one time cattle and salt were extremely valuable. They were the currency of their time. Can you imagine if your employer told you they were going to give you a cow or pay you in salt instead of a paycheck? You’d be looking for another job post-haste.

As you can see, what we value is fluid, based on our collective agreement. How we think about and judge money is what gives it value. There are those who think about money as the end all, be all and spend a great deal of time trying to attain great wealth. There are those who reject money because of what it represents to them. There are those obsessed with it and those who couldn’t care less about it.

Many people carry a great deal of judgement about money. The reality is that it is not good or bad and yet we give up a great deal of our space to what we perceive as an almighty, powerful piece of paper. In and of itself, as Jonathan pointed out, money is “just paper.”

I’m not suggesting that money doesn’t have value or that we don’t need it in today’s society to live. We certainly need it according to societal norms. This, however, is simple food for thought as I get to the real point about value as it relates to our self-worth. You knew I’d get to the point sooner or later!

Is your self-worth connected or attached to money?

Does your perceived value (self-worth) go up or down depending on how much you have in the bank? Are you a book full of talent, knowledge and stories waiting for others to see your value before you see it yourself? Are you an empty paper cup waiting for someone to fill you up?

It’s fascinating how much of our space and power we give over to those things in the physical world. If we equate our value with income or how much we have in the bank we are looking outside of ourselves. In effect we are allowing some collective agreement to dictate our value.

What if instead of attaching our self-worth to money we turned our attention within to discover our REAL value? What would it be like if we determined our value and self-worth by connecting with who we truly are instead of attaching it to pieces of paper?

All the items pictured are “just paper” and their value is fluid. It is our judgment which gives them varying degrees of value. If your self-worth is attached to anything other than the magnificent being that you are, cut the cord, take back your power and connect with that which has real value. YOU!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Debra Taitel is a gifted Clairvoyant Visionary, Energy Healer, Author, and Intuitive Business Consultant providing insight and guidance to clients around the world. In addition to her clairvoyant readings, business consulting and healing work Debra also offers one to one personal empowerment sessions and leads meditation workshops to help people heal and awaken to their own truth and spiritual gifts.

Join the Gratitude Movement!

gratitude“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.”~Melody Beattie

In honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday in the USA it is time to explore and tune into the energy of gratitude and giving thanks. Having gratitude for what you have and all that you are is a powerful energy that can change your life.

When was the last time you took a moment to look around you and appreciate, I mean REALLY appreciate all that you have? When was the last time you told a friend how much they mean to you? For that matter when was the last time you sat quietly to appreciate where you are and give thanks for all you have? When was the last time you enveloped yourself in the vibration of gratitude and allowed it to flow? Been a while? If so, it’s time to CULTIVATE your GRATITUDE!

Gratitude and giving thanks allows you to have more in your life because you are appreciating what you have now. An attitude of gratitude is being aware of the blessings you are receiving at any given moment. It brings your attention into the present which is where all creating takes place.  It sends a message into the universe that you are grateful for what you have NOW.

Think of it this way, if you brought a gift to someone and they didn’t say thank you then you brought another and they tossed it aside with no acknowledgement, do you think you would continue to give them gifts? You are receiving miracles and gifts every day. Having gratitude for these gifts sends a vibration into the universe.

As an energy vibration gratitude can heal a broken heart, clear communication & stuck energy, bring awareness to the abundance you already have in your life and is naturally steeped in forgiveness.

Gratitude and giving thanks is not mutually exclusive to the positive things in your life. It also means finding gratitude and appreciation for challenges and those who may have hurt or invalidated you. Gratitude has an element of forgiveness because you are accepting and not resisting.

It may not be easy to find gratitude for, let’s just say, someone who broke your heart but give thanks and be grateful for the beautiful moments they brought you. You wouldn’t have had the experience if they hadn’t come into your life! At some level you learned and grew and discovered how strong and capable you really are.

How do you begin changing and shifting your attitude to gratitude? Very simply, begin by setting your intent. A wonderful way to confirm the experience is to begin writing down the things you are grateful for. Include gratitude for the lessons you have learned and for those who brought you those lessons. Include gratitude for all that you are and the abundance that already surrounds you! Notice how your mood changes the more you write!

To cultivate your gratitude, sit quietly and envelope yourself in a vibration of gratitude and appreciation. Also it’s helpful to keep a gratitude journal for (at least) 30 days. Each day write at least 5 things you are grateful for. Be sure to include those things or people  you are having a challenge with. There is always something to appreciate and be grateful for when you look for it!

Creating change is a process and initially change is invisible because it happens on a vibrational level.  That said, these changes ARE affecting your life. At first you will notice subtle changes, then as you continue the process, the changes you see and feel are more profound! You hold in your hands the power to cultivate the ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE! Take time each day to appreciate your loved ones, your body and spirit, ALL you are and ALL you have!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I want to extend my deepest gratitude and appreciation to each one of you.  You touch my life with your light and inspire me to continue doing my work in this world. 🙂 BOUNTIFUL BLESSINGS TO YOU AND YOURS!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Debra is a gifted Clairvoyant Reader, Energy Healer, Author, and Intuitive Business Consultant providing insight and guidance to clients around the world. In addition to her clairvoyant readings, business consulting and healing work Debra also offers one to one personal empowerment sessions and leads meditation workshops to help people heal and awaken to their own truth and spiritual gifts.

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April is Stress Awareness Month: De-Stress with a Zen Den!

serenityflower“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”~Amit Ray

Do we really need a “stress awareness month”? I’m pretty sure we are already aware of how stressed we are! How can we not be? We’re constantly being bombarded with energy, taking on extra responsibility and attempting to meet our various and ever-increasing deadlines.

From the media to friends, family and even those we don’t even know, everything is energy and, at times, we are effected without even knowing the source. Isn’t it interesting that Stress Awareness Month is also the month our taxes are due?

Although each of us could choose neutral, say hello to the energy and simply let it go, most of us have not arrived at that blissful, neutral, non-complicated place. For those of us who are givers we need to remind ourselves it’s important (and OK) to give to ourselves. Even 5 minutes of self-care begins to do just that.

When we really break it down, much of the cause of our stress comes from our attention being outside of ourselves. We are thinking (or worrying about) the past or future. We are trying to control others. We are in resistance (circumstances or people), or we are worrying about others and/or how someone else will react. Of course there are many other stressors but for now, let’s focus on a few things we can do to de-stress.

Eat well

Bodies not only need balanced nutrition but they ENJOY eating! When you eat a healthy, balanced diet your body will be happy. Focus on your food when eating. If you’re at home, eat at the table, use the good dishes. Make mealtime enjoyable. Really taste the food. The more of your senses you use, the more in present time, and less stressed, you will be! Also, a hungry body is a stressed body. Don’t skip meals and DO have something on hand for when you find yourself hungry between meals. It’s ok to add healthy snacks or an additional small meal to your day.

Exercise and Play

Fact: Bodies need to exercise AND play! You might not enjoy exercising in the traditional sense so find something you enjoy doing. Maybe even combine it with play! Go to the playground and swing on a swing. Skip down the street, take a dance class, enjoy a bicycle tour of your city, go to the arboretum or walk the gardens, go on a hike, a climb or try something new like spelunking. Commit to a little “fun movement” every day. If you don’t have much time you can certainly take a 10 minute walk. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to notice your surroundings. Smell the flowers. Listen to sounds and by all means feel your body and breathe!


When was the last time you did something you enjoy for no other reason but you enjoy doing it? What are you interested in? Sometimes we get so caught up in work and/or day-to-day tasks we forget to do the things we like to do. It might be an artistic endeavor, a craft, an activity, learning to speak another language or even reading a book. I just read a study that said reading for only 5 minutes will dramatically reduce stress. If you don’t have a hobby but want to try something new, check out . Scroll through and find something that sounds like fun and by all means check it out. Any shift in your attention and energy will shift your stress level!


Transform Chaos to CalmThere is nothing better for de-stressing than meditation and inner reflection. Create a “Zen Den” for yourself. This is a comfortable “sanctuary” space free of distractions; A safe, anxiety free, zone if you will. If you have a meditation practice great! If not, simply close your eyes, breathe, bring your attention and energy back to you and imagine the stress simply melting away.

Meditation won’t solve all your problems but it will instantly shift your energy and definitely help! I have a couple of guided meditations (free to listen or download) available on my website and I’m working on adding a special stress relieving meditation as well. “Transforming Chaos to Calm” was initially offered as a free meditation workshop and is a very popular download.

Get a Massage

A massage is a great way to unwind and don’t discount the power of the human touch. If you are feeling isolated, alone and stuck in your thoughts, a massage will bring you back to the present. It will not only bring your attention back to your body it feels good! If you have a limited amount of time, check out a neck/shoulder massage. Depending on where you live and what your job is, they might even offer these types of massages at your workplace or close by.

Now that you have a few tried and true ways to de-stress, do you know what they all have in common? With each one you step out of your “thoughts”, shift your perspective and re-center mind, body and spirit in present time! Your energy and attention are on you, for you.

Part of de-stressing lies in the ability to give to yourself. Take a breath, acknowledge you are stressed then stop and get into present time with your surroundings. If you think you don’t have time, think again! There are 24 hours in a day and we’re talking about 10-15 minutes a day at the very least, 1 or 2 hours a day at most, depending on how much time you have and/or need to de-stress.

Take time each day to unwind and bring your attention back to you. Create a “Zen Den” sanctuary. Live in the moment. Live in your breath and transform chaos to calm.~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Winter Solstice 2013

Honoring the Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice 2013“solstices — summer or winter — are a chance to still ourselves inside, to behold the glory of the cosmos, and to take a breath with the Sacred. Solstice also gives us the opportunity to ask whether or not we are still on the correct course.”

HAPPY SOLSTICE!  While this the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere it is a day for celebration. Among other things it serves as a reminder that darkness is only temporary and the sun will return to brighten our darkest days.

As in ancient times choose this day to celebrate and bid a fond (or not so fond) farewell to the darkness. From this day forward turn towards the sun with #hope & #faith and simply allow the light to fill you up!

I found a wonderful article via Huffington Post on  honoring the winter solstice. Honor your journey and know that periods of darkness are ALWAYS followed by periods of light.~Shine Your Light Debbie

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A Healing Message: Return to Center

CenteredLast night I while watching the movie “Gatsby” I was reminded of our ability to be both “within” and “without” as we move through our daily lives. All too often we go outside of ourselves and depart from “center”, which in essence shifts the balance AND our clarity.

There are your inner workings, your thoughts, feelings and emotions then there is what goes on in the world around you. It’s easy to get caught up in those things outside of you and out of your control but the reality is when you return to center there is no “inside” or “outside” there is balance and a sense of neutrality. From center you get to observe as well as take part in life.

Your center is a neutral, safe, quiet place where you are in balance with your life. It is free of  “energetic charge” and puts you in control of your choices. When you are centered you run your life, it doesn’t run you. From center you are aware of the “within” AND the “without”. You begin to recognize what is your truth and what is not. You experience harmony within and notice that perhaps the drama and chaos is not really yours.

Each time you return to center you connect mind, body, spirit and soul. You connect with truth, inner guidance and greater awareness. Returning to center allows you to experience an ebb and flow of joy, your divinity, your strength. It allows you freedom to be you and the joy that comes with being yourself. It brings you back to YOU.

Yes, you will go “without” from time to time for a lesson or experience but each time you do that you are truly going “without” because you are going without you. When you go outside of yourself to find an answer, have an experience or learn a lesson return to center with all you have observed, learned and experienced and return to the rhythm and beat of your heart and soul. ~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Earth Day: Going Green Every Day

Officially Earth Day is on April 22nd and we are dedicated to celebrating the earth, cleaning up and raising awareness of what we can do to honor and care for our most valuable resources. As we show our appreciation for the Earth and our environment we “go green” to create an environmentally sustainable society to lessen our impact of living on this beautiful planet.

As we celebrate the earth it serves as a reminder that GOING GREEN is not only for the EARTH! You are OF and connected TO the earth. YOU are a valuable resource on this planet and you also have access to inner resources which are just as valuable.  As you honor our beautiful mother earth, do you honor yourself as a valuable resource as well?

By honoring yourself, connecting with the earth and turning your attention within you are becoming more aware of who you really are. Your most valuable resource is your energy flow and when you allow your valuable energy to flow through you (letting go of all that is not) you create tremendous growth and change for yourself. The more often you do this, the more you are growing and expanding your awareness. Did you know that when you are creating change and growth in your life, your AURA actually turns GREEN!

It’s true! Much like the trees begin to bud in the spring, you are budding with new growth; And with this new growth comes a change in the landscape! So are you GOING GREEN these days? One way to find out is to ask yourself; How have you been treating your body, spiritual and physical environments? Just as you honor the earth, you must honor your own environments.

Take a moment to check in with yourself and the space around you.  Are you eating healthy foods, caring for and giving to your body? Are you taking time in your daily life to nurture your spirit by allowing yourself to BE? Is your physical space clean and in order? If you notice things are messy and out-of-place in your physical surroundings it is a sign that your inner world looks the same. If you don’t feel good there is a state of dis-ease. If you find your attention on everything and everybody except YOU it is time to honor and care for yourself.

All the aforementioned are ‘signs’ and indicators that it’s time to do a little clean up. If you have picked up negativity or toxic energy, time to get out the hazardous materials suit and begin cleaning out any waste that may have accumulated. Let go of the garbage you’ve become responsible for carrying around. Your connection with the earth helps you cleanse. If you want to know what it feels like to connect with the earth, focus your attention on your feet and the feel the flow of energy from the earth. Go outside, hug a tree and imagine being connected just as the tree is rooted into the earth.

Once you’ve cleaned things up a bit, it’s time to shine it up! Take a deep breath, bring your attention back to you and feel your connection with the earth. Then allow the biggest, brightest most illuminating sun you can imagine to shine on you! Feel its warmth on your face! Feel the rays permeate every cell in your body! Allow yourself to bud, grow and expand! Honor & celebrate all the natural resources you hold within. YOU ARE your own personal most valuable resource……!

It is time to celebrate and honor the earth. It is time to celebrate and honor YOU! There is only one earth and we must all care for her diligently. There is only one YOU that lives on this beautiful planet we call earth and you must also care diligently for YOU!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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The Risk of Shining Outweighs the Risk of Blending In!

Photo Courtesy of Lake County Forest Preserve

Making the decision to live from the truth of who you really are verses blending in with the status quo is indeed risky. It might mean people will see ALL of you even those parts where you feel you are imperfect. It might mean everyone won’t like you for speaking your mind or not giving up space to their dramas.

You can blend in, going with the flow of others instead of your own but in the end, you’ll find you are asking yourself why. When you blend in, you lose a part of yourself. For some, blending in is the very thing they need and want to do. They don’t want to upset the apple cart so to speak. They are content living their lives from the programming set up for them by parents, teachers or society. They are not wrong for wanting this and you are not wrong for wanting something different!

The rare pink katydid shown in the picture is beautiful! She runs the risk of being seen and eaten by any number of predators. Unlike the other katydids she does not blend in with the leaves for safety. She shows herself. What a shame it would be if we did not have a chance to see her! This katydid is rare and unique…just like YOU! There is no one like you anywhere and you have a contribution to make. You might not realize it but you do. We ALL do!

When you bring your rare, unique energy in to your body you stand out in a crowd.  There is no camouflage and it might feel uncomfortable at first. Although standing out in a crowd, living life to the beat of your own drum is risky you will find great value in doing so. It allows you to bring forth and create a life you are passionate about living! What’s the point of living a day-to-day existence if you are not living your dream?

Deciding to be your own person may take some healing in areas of your life where you’ve lived from someone else’s picture of what or who you are. You might need to clear pain, heal past wounds or let go of being responsible for someone else’s pain. There is nothing noble or enlightened about carrying around other peoples pain and not shining so others are comfortable. You have a divine right to be here and you have a divine right to shine.

Choosing to show your true colors to the world opens up a whole new world for you! Isn’t it interesting that the rare pink katydid flourishes despite the risk of showing herself? She might be rare but she exists, proudly showing her bubblegum pink self for all to see. So to you I say; Show yourself and make your contribution to the world! Come out, come out wherever you are!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Caring for your most intimate relationship….

I’m sure you will agree that it’s important to care for and honor your closest relationships. Whether it is with a friend, a lover, a spouse, or significant other, take time to acknowledge and let those people know how much you value and appreciate having them in your life.

While telling them in words how important they are to you, it is your actions and what you do that are more telling. A kind word, tender touch, a sweet little text or email, an unexpected gift or just listening and not trying to ‘fix’ everything. Perhaps they don’t need fixing as much as they need listening. 🙂

It’s clearly important to care for and nurture every relationship and not take it for granted or that relationship will soon deteriorate and wither away because there’s no energy in caring for it. If not cared for it could become buried under a sea of outer circumstances which takes away from the relationship and shifts your attention  on things outside of the relationship itself.

Do you care for and honor your most intimate relationship…the one you have with YOU?

Just as important as your relationships with others is the one you have with yourself! In fact it is THE MOST IMPORTANT relationship in your life. Your mental, physical and spiritual space ARE relationships and need just as much care as your relationships with others. If you are living with someone or in a relationship, you spend time apart but you are with YOU 24/7!

What have you done for YOURSELF lately?

Do you speak kind words to yourself or do you beat yourself up? Do you forgive yourself for your indiscretions and seek to learn from your mistakes? Do you nurture and honor who you are? Do you pamper and give to yourself? Some of the most loving & giving people I know spend so much time giving, healing and sharing their energy with others they feel depleted. In the privacy of their home they wonder why their relationships don’t work or they are not in good health or they always seem to feel stressed out.

Replenish and give to yourself!

Loving and giving to others is wonderful but if you don’t love and give to yourself you won’t have a lot of energy to give! It’s also important to remind yourself that you can give without giving it away. There IS a difference. Replenishing energetically means filling up with your energy! It means calling back all you’ve given away and being in your flow. It means reconnecting with the earth & the God of your heart. It means letting the sunshine in, filling up with joy, happiness and the energy you were born with.

The best way I know how to do this energetically is through meditation. A grounded, in the body, balanced meditation. One that makes you feel present and connected with your body. Next treat your body with kindness! Notice how you talk to and feel about yourself. Do you speak kind encouraging words to yourself? Notice the foods you eat. Are those foods healthy for your body? When was the last time you had a massage and really pampered yourself?

Caring for others is important but so is caring for yourself. Take time each day to give to yourself and care for the person you are inside. Honor all that you know, feel, & do. Honor and love yourself. Nurture your mind, body, spirit and soul.~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Meditation: What’s the purpose & benefit?

Have you ever asked yourself why meditate and turn your attention within? What’s the purpose of quieting the mind, getting grounded and centered? What’s the point of it anyway? Do you use meditation to solve your problems? Why bother meditating when things are going well? What’s the benefit? These are interesting questions to ponder!

Often times I come across people who only meditate when they are going through tough times. Other times I hear from people that they are going through tough times and they can’t meditate. It does surprise me that the simple act of quieting the mind is so difficult when the drama and chaos of life, in other words ‘a growth period’, stops us from doing the very thing that is needed to get through it!

Meditation helps you get through a growth period FASTER! It allows you to find answers by listening, changes your vibration and gives any energy or problems that you’ve taken on from others to gently fall away. A grounded meditation and release actually gives the energy a place to go. Meditation helps you access your inner sanctuary and is a safe place to get away from the swirling chaos. It’s very much like taking a vacation from your life for a few moments.

Meditation doesn’t solve problems. You don’t need to “solve” anything! In fact, you are not a problem, your life is not a problem and NOTHING needs solving! You were born into your body to learn and experience exactly what you are learning and experiencing! It would be wonderful if our lives were all perfect with nary a stumbling block but that is not the case. Meditation doesn’t make your life perfect and bring you everything you want. It does however, bring you into present time and might even allow an answer or two to sneak in! Trust me, your problems will still be there when you finish meditating but perhaps they won’t seem as monumental as beforehand.

Meditation creates a sense of peace. It allows you to change your perspective about what’s going on. Much of the time you will notice that most of the chaos has nothing to do with you personally, however it also allows you to own the part you played…and there is always some part you played. If you find it difficult to quiet down your thoughts, just allow them to float by, acknowledge them and the fact that you have that much going on then bring your attention back to the peace and safety of your inner sanctuary.

Why meditate when things are going well? When everything is happy and moving along smoothly taking the time to meditate not only helps keep things moving along smoothly but when (not if) you run into a road block you will handle it more easily. It is a great time to dream, create something new and focus on your passion. It is a time to validate all that you are and shine your light even more brightly.  Each time you do this when you are feeling good, your body will remember what it feels like and make it easier to come back to that space other times!

The great thing about meditation is that by changing your vibration, you change your life and heal. You change how you view life with its many obstacles AND find answers for how to handle them. You don’t need anyones permission and you may even heal those areas of your life where you feel stuck! Don’t believe me? Goggle it and check out the latest scientific research on the benefits of meditation. Why not start today and create a whole new world?~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Debra is a gifted clairvoyant reader, spiritual healer and intuitive coach providing insight and guidance to clients around the world. Based in Chicago, Debra also leads meditation workshops that help people awaken to their own truth and spiritual gifts. To schedule a session or for more information on readings and workshops please visit her website or send an email request to .

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Soul Food

Nourishing your spirit is not unlike nourishing your body and is just as important. What you put in directly relates to how you feel, how much energy you have and it shows on the outside as much as how it affects your insides! You could call this blog ‘food for thought’. 🙂

I don’t think there’s anyone out there who would starve themselves on purpose. You get hungry, you eat! Your body needs food, water, vitamins and nutrients to survive. When you give your body everything it needs you  physically feel better and have more energy to get through your day.  If you don’t eat (or drink) , your body becomes stressed, it growls at you, you may feel light-headed, nauseous and you lack energy. The same goes for if you eat huge portions or foods that aren’t good for you . High fat, fried, sugary foods or eating an amount of food that would feed a small army leaves your body feeling much the same as when you are hungry although you may have to include feeling bloated and lethargic to that mix!

You know you need nourishment and healthy foods  to survive and feel good. Have you ever considered how and what your spiritual energetic body needs  for nourishment as well? Do you feed your spirit each day with nourishing thoughts and replenishing your energy or do you starve it and allow any old thing to come in and weigh you down? Do you wait until you are worried, sick, stuck or overwhelmed to feed your spirit & soul what it needs? This is very much the same as dieting and depriving yourself then bingeing! Trust me when I say it doesn’t work! The growth process goes much smoother and moves faster when you give yourself what you need every day.

What and how you eat affects spirit & soul as much as what and how you feed your spirit & soul affects your physical body. It is very much a symbiotic relationship! Nourishing spirit & soul is as easy as doing things you enjoy, keeping positive thoughts in your mind and of course a daily meditation practice.

There is ongoing scientific research on meditation and its effect on the body. The findings prove in measurable terms what many of us already know to be true.  Did you know that studies done by Yale, Harvard, and Massachusetts General Hospital have shown that meditation increases gray matter in the brain and slows down the deterioration of the brain as a part of the natural aging process? Quieting the mind and feeding your spirit clears out ‘free radicals’ and acts as an antioxidant for the soul!

An interesting non-scientific study done and experienced first hand by yours truly, ME, is that when you feed your spirit what it needs, you no longer need to feed that child like voice in your head that constantly tells you it needs REAL “food” for comfort (or any other emotion you feed) to try to feel better. That little voice does not have a body so feeding it only leads to YOUR body getting larger and in a sense covers up what really needs nourishment….YOUR SPIRIT!

Connecting to the earth, the universe and your body creates a natural flow and clears out & nourishes the spiritual body all at the same time.  There are no calories to keep track of and no portion is too large! Nourishing spirit and bringing in more of your spiritual essence changes everything from your mood to your body and increases how much energy you have to create! If you don’t believe it, check out the science that proves it! Better yet…in the words of a famous commercial in the States; Try it, you’ll like it… 🙂 ~Shine Your Light Debbie

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