In Spirit We Trust….

In a recent conversation with Elliott Eli Jackson author of “From God to You the Absolute Truth” regarding a challenge I was having, Elliott asked me ‘what do you desire?’  

A short time later he said ‘once you have stated what it is you desire, let it go and let spirit do the rest. That simple question and statement  prompted an illuminating and very empowering moment.

After a few minutes of thinking about exactly what it was that I desired, I responded.  It felt good to actually SAY it out loud…Then at the end of my statement came the words ‘but what if….?’

The very instant the words ‘but what if…’ came out of my mouth I realized that much of my attention had been outside of me trying to ‘figure out’ what was going on! 

While those may not have been the exact words, the exact words really don’t matter because it is more about knowing & trusting that spirit is involved and taking care of things in ways we can’t fathom. The healing begins when you trust yourself enough to state what YOU really desire.

Although it seems simple, which it is, it may not always be easy! There are energies and pictures that come up as you  state your truth.  Many of those energies are based on fear, judgement and invalidation. None of which are YOURS!

Have you noticed that when you begin to focus on what you desire your thoughts immediately shift to ‘but what if…?’ You may notice fear that you aren’t good enough to HAVE what you desire.

It could be that you are afraid of hearing the answer or that you might make a wrong choice. You may notice invalidation of your body to attract the right partner or that what you desire isn’t what someone else desires. 

Whatever comes up for you, the ‘what if” energy doubts are NOT your truth so you can’t solve them, however you can certainly CLEAR and let them go!

Your inner voice will lead to your truth so trust it!  Trust that your spirit self and the universe will take care of HOW to make your deepest desires reality. You are a child of universal spirit and worthy of all your dreams.

You KNOW what YOU desire! Why not state it and focus on that vibration clearly with no ‘ifs’, ‘ands’ or ‘buts’? There is no fear, judgement or invalidation in this! 🙂

Decide what it is that you desire and align yourself with it. Communicate your desire clearly…state it out loud! If you notice any energy of doubt or fear just let them go and allow the universe & spirit take care of the rest!

Trust in spirit and your inner wisdom. Trust in yourself for you are wiser than you may give yourself credit for! Trust the universe and that all good things are already on their way to you!~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2010


Debra is a clairvoyant reader, spiritual healer, coach and teacher helping people heal their spirit so they can create and live the life they choose. For more information or to schedule a reading please visit her website or send an email to

7 thoughts on “In Spirit We Trust….

  1. Actually, I want to ask why no “ands”? I was under the impression that saying, for instance, “I want a job that treats me well AND pays me well” or “I want to find a beautiful man who is funny AND single AND attracted to me” were okay. Was there another meaning?

    (Woo! Put this on the right post this time!)

    1. 🙂 Renuka~
      Great question! In the blog it was meant as a figure of speech of sorts, however in practice…For instance: You mentioned a beautiful man. Wouldn’t that man BE funny, single AND attracted to you if he was beautiful man you desire? The details come in with a clear vision of what you desire it to BE. If you have a clear idea of what a beautiful man is to you it will be included when you state your desire. Also, regarding the job…is it the job you desire to treat you well or the people you work for/with? Or is it that you desire work that is as passionate as you are which matches your value? Just thought I’d give you some points to ponder! It’s all about clarity and focus. 🙂

      1. Well, the job thing isn’t an issue. That was just an example. I pretty much love everything about my job and where I work, but I like asking questions that can relate to more than just myself.

        But, I was going to continue to ask another question that was about a million pages long, then I went back and read the article and realized I was “what if-ing”. You know me, I’m a horrific control freak and need to know everything. It doesn’t work in the spirit realm, so thank you 🙂

  2. Love this post, Debbie. It makes so much sense – we just need to desire it, or ask for it.. but we don’t need to give a description or a bunch of buts. It’s like praying to God, and telling him/her all the details about what’s happening and then going, “Duh! Of course God knows all the details — I don’t need to try this hard or to struggle.. just simply ask, and then sit back and trust.”.. Ta-da! In Spirit We Trust!

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