Judgement, Fear & the Twilight Zone…

The energy of judgement is very prevalent in our society. I’m sure you’ll all agree that being judged by someone else doesn’t feel very good. 

We are judged by our looks, the color of our skin, body type, personality and even our religious beliefs among other things.

Living in Chicago and having the opportunity to watch as our politicians go on trial for corruption is interesting. 

Some are convicted and others, as in a more recent and very public case, are not. What seems to be missing is the actual TRUTH.

The energy of  judgement and being judged by a jury of your peers is something to be aware of even if you are not actually in a courtroom. It is an energy steeped in fear which causes division and limits.

I think most of us, on one level or another, are on trial every day. Much of the time WE put OURSELVES on trial and in doing so try to  “prove it”.

You  prove to your boss or clients you are doing your job, prove  your  love (proving is not expressing 🙂 ), prove to your parents you are doing the right thing  and in many instances, you even have to prove to yourself that you are beautiful and successful.

The ‘prove it’ trial of self judgement is the most energetically ‘charged’ of them all! Do you have judgement about your body? How much money you make? Whether you are good or better than someone else at what you do?

Is your personal jury deadlocked and stuck on a picture that you can’t or shouldn’t do something  because  you’re not good enough or you don’t deserve it? If so, what or whose information are you using to compare or prove it to?

You may be acting as both judge AND jury all in one and I’m just guessing but I’ll bet that YOU are your toughest critic! That being said, it’s worth taking a look at where that judgement comes from.

Take a step back and as a neutral observer notice if your judgements are based on truth or someone else’s picture/information on what it should be according to them?

There is a Twilight Zone episode that illustrates my point. In “Eye of the Beholder”. Janet Tyler is in hospital waiting for the outcome of her latest operation to be revealed. If not successful, she will be forced into a segregated area where others of her kind are kept.

This is a perfect example of how taking on someone else’s information creates fear & judgement. Were the witches on trial and put to death in Salem really witches or was it based on fear, gossip and incorrect information? 

If you feel the need to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, how about finding what is true for YOU? I can tell you with a great deal of certainty that the way we judge ourselves and others comes from fear, pictures and concepts outside of us.

You can’t stop someone from judging you but you certainly don’t have to take on that judgement and live from it. Journey within and find  neutrality to free yourself from  judgement.  Find the space between the darkness & light to see  truth. ~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2010


Debra is a clairvoyant reader, spiritual healer, coach and teacher helping people heal their spirit so they can create and live the life they choose. For more information, to schedule a reading or coaching visit her website or send an email to Debra@Spiritlightinsight.com.

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