Hey you with your shiny light….

As I write this blog I’m watching one of my favorite holiday classics Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer“. I settled in to watch with the innocence and delight of a child.

I watched as Rudolph resisted covering up his beautiful shiny nose then was bullied & shunned for the very thing that in the end made him the hero who saved Christmas.

As Rudolph walked away from his peers in isolation he began to sing:

“Why am I such a misfit?
I am not just a nit wit!
I’m an adorable reindeer
Why don’t I fit in? “

Then there’s the island of misfit toys. Those toys KNEW they would be loved by children if given the chance. Instead they were effectively thrown away and banished to an isolated island.

At one time or another I think we have all felt like we didn’t fit in and decided to isolate. I can tell you that growing up sensitive to and seeing energy pretty much put me in the feeling like a misfit category many times! 

When I started taking meditation and clairvoyant classes
I remember feeling like it was the first time a really belonged. There I was sitting in a room with other people who had grown up feeling like “misfits” because we could see or feel things others weren’t aware of;  Not because there was something wrong with us!

Now ponder this question: “Misfit” according to whom? The bullies? The haters? The naysayers?  There is no such thing as a misfit! Although you may not fit in to this group or that, if you are different, it is your uniqueness that is special!

If you feel shunned, see things from a different perspective, have a brilliant idea that is invalidated or have tried to fit in to a particular “click” maybe it has nothing to do with YOU! Maybe those feelings stem from something you were once told,  you were laughed at or even bullied. If you took on those energies and haven’t cleared them out, you are not living as YOU are.

Trying to be like someone else doesn’t work. Trying to fit in to a group doesn’t work. YOU being YOU does! Considering yourself beautiful, unique and special,  will attract those that appreciate who you are.  Bathe yourself in a golden light to help bring forth your inner light. It is YOUR light that very well may guide, inspire and illuminate the path of another!

Your true spiritual essence shines unlike anyone else’s and when you embrace that uniqueness and love the very thing that makes you different, your spirit grows and expands with that vibration. It fills you up with YOU instead of those other energies that you’ve held on to for so long! So….

‘ Some would even say you glow! Hey you with your shiny light, be a guide and inspire tonight! And all the ones that join you will loudly shout it out with GLEE, living from who you are, is the only and best place to be!’ 

~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2010 All rights reserved 


Debra is a clairvoyant reader, spiritual healer, intuitive coach and teacher helping people worldwide to awaken to their truth and heal the human spirit. For more information, to schedule a reading/coaching session and information on upcoming workshops & events please visit her website or send an email to Debra@Spiritlightinsight.com.

One thought on “Hey you with your shiny light….

  1. This is a great point you make. When we’re kids we’re as close to the light as we’ll ever be; we are 100% true to ourselves. Our experiences as we grow older shape us and cause us to act a certain way. These experiences can drive us closer or further away from the light. This is why it’s important for people to take negative or non-positive experiences and learn from them. This is how we can stay truer to ourselves.

    – Michelle

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