Best Friends Forever!

Best friends are wonderful to have in your life. They are people with whom you  confide your deepest darkest secrets,  your fears or joys and those you share your experiences with. They are the ones with whom you can go on a rant then forgive, those you laugh or cry with and it’s always fun to go on a new adventure with your BFF.

No matter what it is, you always feel safe telling your best friend something. A true best friend doesn’t judge, criticize and will often tell it like it is whether you like it or not. They love you for who you are and visa versa. There is give and take, you listen to their advice….ok you don’t necessarily take it but you’ll listen to it, 🙂 and you value their friendship.

What do you look for in a best friend?

Would you choose a best friend that you didn’t trust or feel safe with? Would you choose a best friend who lies to you or beats you up? How about a best friend who is negative and criticizes you for everything? Of course you wouldn’t choose a best friend who is like that! You want a best friend who lifts your spirits, dries your tears and is there for you through thick and thin. Now begs the question…

Are you your own best friend?

Being your own best friend is having a forever friend! It means getting honest with and caring for yourself. It is about trusting yourself and owning the choices you make. It is knowing that you have the ability to heal yourself,  lift your spirits, go on new adventures and treat yourself kindly.  When you are your own best friend you listen to your intuition, follow your heart AND your own council. You forgive your mistakes, and you feel safe & comfortable in your own company and in your own skin!

Believe it or not your best friend in the world, the one who is with you for a lifetime is YOU! Think of how many ‘best friends’ have come and gone out of your life. To be sure there are some that are with you for a lifetime and this is great but some of your best friends are there for a time and then you both move on. It might be that one of you gets married, divorced, one of you moves or you just grow in different directions.

If you are not already your own best friend, it’s never to late to start the process. It all begins with getting to know yourself from the inside out; Who you are now, where you’ve come from and honoring what you’ve been through in life. It means ending the cycle of punishing yourself because you are not perfect; You’ve probably been trying to live up to a picture that someone else handed you at some point in your life.

Becoming your own best friend is a journey of loving yourself and letting go of trying to be someone you are not and never will be. Say hello to being your own best friend. It is a friendship that will truly last a lifetime!~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel All rights reserved

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Choose to see yourself as I see you….

….and see the magnificent spirit that you are! If you choose to see yourself as I see you, you will see your purpose for being on this planet at this particular time and how many lives you’ve touched along the way. As spirit you are a perfect being so why see yourself as anything less?

This is not about ego, thinking you are better than someone else or about exerting your power over another. It is not that you don’t have anything to learn or that you will never have challenging experiences which often leave you asking why this or that happened or is happening in your life. It is about seeing the light that is the very core of your being and accepting that others may or may not choose to see it for themselves.

There are some on this planet who only see and feel pain or become detached from themselves and others. Others numb the pain and find comfort with alcohol, drugs or food. They hide behind their addictions wearing them like a suit of armour blaming everyone else or giving over their power to the pain. It is a choice to allow pain and addiction to take over ones life. It’s not easy to break the cycle but it IS a choice to seek other ways to deal with pain and bring comfort to oneself.

Many give away their beautiful energy to others looking for validation. You don’t have to give away your energy to heal someone else! In fact at some point if you are doing this, the person you are healing will exit your life because your energy does not belong in that person’s space and there is always an exchange. You give them your energy and take on their pain. When they look at you, all they can see is the pain you’ve taken on.

There is strength in seeing spirit and how you choose to see yourself is a choice you make each day. Choosing to see yourself as the radiant being that you are is not always easy because the choice of awakening means seeing, accepting and letting go of the pain and choices you’ve made in the past. When a light shines into the darkness it illuminates what is there and it may indeed highlight painful moments. However, light also brings truth and eventually transforms darkness into a new dawn.

I see you as a truly unique being. A creator of your life. A bright light shining like the stars in the sky. I see you in your radiance and that you have the ability to choose to live from your magnificence. I see you as having purpose on this planet. I see you as a being of light and love. I see you as a child of God with grace and goodness in your heart.

With all that said, it really doesn’t matter how I see you. What matters is how and what  YOU choose to see for yourself. Awaken to and see your brilliance! Allow it to burst forth from the inside out! Remember the Ugly Duckling story about the homely little bird who suffers abuse from his neighbors until, he matures into a beautiful swan?  You have the ability and the choice to see your inner swan! What you see is what you get!~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel All rights reserved

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