Preserving Innocence in a Changing World

There is nothing like an innocent child looking at the world with wonder and delight. Of the many ‘rights of passage’ as we pass from the innocence of childhood into the responsibilities of adulthood, going away to overnight camp was one of my favorites.

I remember my Mom taking me to the bus and feeling excited and scared all at the same time. As the bus pulled away the excitement quickly took over and I was ready for an adventure into the unknown. How many of us remember the feeling of leaving home for the first time to parts unknown? In many ways this is not so far from the feelings we get now as we enter into a new relationship, business venture or something seemingly as simple as moving. Our lives will be forever changed yet at that moment we don’t know how.

Through the challenges of life we lose a bit of our innocence and no longer see the world through rose-colored glasses yet every time we have a major life change or are about to start a new adventure the innocence, excitement and fear returns. Of course we have the knowledge behind us (hopefully) and will use it but what if we could harness the wide-eyed wonder of a child and not leave it behind? What would happen if life was filled with hope like it was when we were children? The world is indeed changing but maybe it’s time we try to preserve a little of our own innocence for our children. They grow up all too fast these days.

Today I was delighted to receive pictures of my niece from the first day of her (first) trip to overnight camp. Now I’m pretty sure this wasn’t how camp was when I went! No one was taking pictures and video day in and day out to post on a private website for parents so they can see their little munchkins enjoying themselves. I’m not sure if I agree with it or not because it’s reminiscent of reality TV but it is a great way to keep the parents in the know about their kids. (I also don’t remember a salad bar option or zip lining, but I digress.) Maybe it’s also a small way of preserving the innocence and bringing us back to our own joy through the eyes of a child if only for a moment.

While looking at the photos I saw breaking news about a shooting at Texas A & M. Here I sat looking at pictures of a shining, happy 10-year-old and remembering how fun it was to be at camp with no responsibilities other than those of having fun and making s’mores around a campfire. I was quickly reminded of a world where a select few think it’s ok to shoot and kill another human being. What happened to the innocence and joy they were born with? Anger and hate begets anger and hate. Fighting for peace is simply an oxymoron and there are too many with an angry agenda. There are people in this world who have been through horrific experiences yet they find peace within themselves and go on to do amazing, loving and peaceful acts. After their trials and tribulations they somehow find a way to reconnect with the beauty of life. They inspire us and honor themselves and us by living a loving life.

The world around us is changing so rapidly it’s hard to keep up and its time we put out into the world the change we’d like to see. Not through fighting, politics and debate based on lies and untruths but through the thing we know more intimately than anything else in the world; Our own energy vibration. Think about how you spend your day and take a hard look at the vibration you are emitting into the universe. Is it positive? Negative? Happy? Sad? You may be in for an awakening if you listen to the words you speak and how you react to things around you.

Maybe it’s time to bring back a little innocence and simple joy to our lives. When was the last time you sat around a campfire making s’mores and singing Kumbaya (see video below) or laying in the grass looking at the clouds as they form castles in the sky? When was the last time you looked at the mountains or trees and simply breathed in their beauty? Maybe it’s time to reconnect with the joy and innocence that is still a part of you….Imagine what the world would be like if we all did this every once an a while.~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2012 All rights reserved
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A Lesson on Letting Go

Let go!
Image by jah~ via Flickr

The words ‘letting go’ are thrown about as if it’s an easy thing to do. Letting go is never easy but if you shift your perspective and take time to first clear the energy that might be holding it there the process becomes a lot easier!

Letting go doesn’t mean wiping it clean from your memory banks. It is about is de-energizing an experience and taking back your energy from something you’ve given it up to.  Letting go means freedom for you and whatever (whomever) you’ve held on to. You’ve heard of smothering? Well, holding on tightly feels that way so at the very least breathe!

If you are holding on to a picture or energy, all your energy  is in the “holding on” and you are right in the middle of it. Not letting go takes your valuable energy away from other things like creating. It also takes up space which could be used for bringing in something wonderful. Here are a few tips for letting go…

Clear the effort: If you find yourself in effort “trying” to let go remember there’s a bigger picture. What does the situation represent? What are you or did you learn from it? Is holding on comforting because it’s so familiar? Don’t worry about what you’re actually trying to let go of. Create the intention of letting go of the EFFORT.

Say hello to fear: Let’s face it there’s fear in letting go so while in meditation identify what you are afraid of if you let go. Fear comes up when you don’t feel safe. Grounding & centering brings you into present time and makes your body safe. It also helps to find neutrality; Let go of the wanting to know why or why not.

Clear the resistance: It is common to resist an energy picture or difficult memory. If you find yourself resisting letting go of something in particular, don’t concern yourself with whatever it is. Let go of the resistance. Resistance acts a bit like glue and what you resist persists!

It might not be YOUR energy: If you find yourself trying to solve or fix an energy and it seems impossible to clear no matter what you do, it’s not YOUR energy. You can’t solve or fix energy in your space. Your energy feels good to you. It is comforting and familiar. Once you recognize an energy isn’t yours shift your focus and attention back to you. Ground and simply allow anything that isn’t you to move out.

Ask for help: There is a tendency to isolate when your inner world is in turmoil. This is precisely the time to get out there and make things real. Don’t sit at home swimming in it! Take a meditation class, get an energy healing or get a reading! (I know shameless plug 🙂 )

These are only a few of the things you can do to help in the process of letting go. There is a big bright world of possibilities in both your inner and outer world to experience so GROUND, BREATHE & LET GO of the small piece your holding on to!~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel All rights reserved

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