Best Friends Forever!

Best friends are wonderful to have in your life. They are people with whom you  confide your deepest darkest secrets,  your fears or joys and those you share your experiences with. They are the ones with whom you can go on a rant then forgive, those you laugh or cry with and it’s always fun to go on a new adventure with your BFF.

No matter what it is, you always feel safe telling your best friend something. A true best friend doesn’t judge, criticize and will often tell it like it is whether you like it or not. They love you for who you are and visa versa. There is give and take, you listen to their advice….ok you don’t necessarily take it but you’ll listen to it, 🙂 and you value their friendship.

What do you look for in a best friend?

Would you choose a best friend that you didn’t trust or feel safe with? Would you choose a best friend who lies to you or beats you up? How about a best friend who is negative and criticizes you for everything? Of course you wouldn’t choose a best friend who is like that! You want a best friend who lifts your spirits, dries your tears and is there for you through thick and thin. Now begs the question…

Are you your own best friend?

Being your own best friend is having a forever friend! It means getting honest with and caring for yourself. It is about trusting yourself and owning the choices you make. It is knowing that you have the ability to heal yourself,  lift your spirits, go on new adventures and treat yourself kindly.  When you are your own best friend you listen to your intuition, follow your heart AND your own council. You forgive your mistakes, and you feel safe & comfortable in your own company and in your own skin!

Believe it or not your best friend in the world, the one who is with you for a lifetime is YOU! Think of how many ‘best friends’ have come and gone out of your life. To be sure there are some that are with you for a lifetime and this is great but some of your best friends are there for a time and then you both move on. It might be that one of you gets married, divorced, one of you moves or you just grow in different directions.

If you are not already your own best friend, it’s never to late to start the process. It all begins with getting to know yourself from the inside out; Who you are now, where you’ve come from and honoring what you’ve been through in life. It means ending the cycle of punishing yourself because you are not perfect; You’ve probably been trying to live up to a picture that someone else handed you at some point in your life.

Becoming your own best friend is a journey of loving yourself and letting go of trying to be someone you are not and never will be. Say hello to being your own best friend. It is a friendship that will truly last a lifetime!~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel All rights reserved

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HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY~A Tribute to Moms

Happy Mother’s Day Moms! This special Mother’s Day blog is for you! If you are not a Mom, I would encourage you to read on because even if you aren’t a Mom, you have one.

The picture on this post is called ‘GENERATIONS.’ It is the 5 generations of women in my family taken at my Grandma’s 100th birthday party several years ago.

Moms are pretty amazing when you think about it. If she didn’t (or couldn’t) carry you in her body for 9 month’s to keep you safe and sound until you were born, she stepped in to raise you, and love you no matter what. Even if there were times she didn’t like you very much, she always loved you. Here’s the thing, before your Mom was your Mom she was a baby, a daughter, a little girl, a teenager, a woman. She toddled, scraped her knee, had a pimple or two and probably thought she would NEVER be like her mother. She was a person with challenges and probably went through a lot in her life. Your Mom had hopes, dreams and goals she wanted to achieve.  When you came along even if you were a part of her dream life, her life changed and she became first and foremost YOUR MOM.

Honor thy Mother for who she is!

To US she is Mom or Mum or Mommy or Ma but to her friends she is a friend, a woman, a confidant. She giggles & laughs, wonders if she’s doing the right thing  and has things she’d like to create. If your Mom is no longer in body, I’ll bet you found out a lot about your Mom the WOMAN after she passed. Mom raised you from her own set of pictures. So whether in your eyes it was the right thing or not, she was and is working on her own growth. It is her job to worry about you and protect you no matter how old you are. Do not threaten her child!

Mother’s Day is the perfect day not only to honor your Mom as  “MOM” but to honor your Mom the WOMAN. Take a moment to find out how her life was when she was a little girl…a teenager…a wife or single Mom. What dreams did she have when she was growing up? How about right now? What would your Mom like to do NOW? Your Mom is not just a Mom. She is a very special WOMAN who in many ways lives(ed) her life for YOU whether you want to admit it or not. Get to know her and see her for who she really is. You may be surprised at what you find out! 🙂

To my Grandma Sara aka Mom, GG (Great Grandma), aunt & cousin Sara : Although you are no longer with us, I love you more than words can express! In your eyes I can do no wrong. With the simplicity of a fruit salad and sleep over you showered me with a love that will never end! I love you…a bushel and a peck! A bushel and a peck I love YOU! (Grandma passed on 03/12/11. Her legacy of love is instilled and ever present in our lives. She truly lived life for her children.)

To my Mom aka Viv, Nana, sister, daughter, aunt, mother in Law, artist, chief cook & bottle washer, maker of the perfect ‘burnt chicken’ & gefilte fish 🙂 : Mom you surprise me every day! You are and continue to be an amazing woman who truly lives for her children & grandchildren. Thank you for all you have given and taught to me! I love you with all my heart and I’m honored to be your daughter!

To Moms everywhere HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! For the beautiful woman you ARE and ALL that you do for your children, may the love you give be the love you receive; Today, forever and always!~ Shine your light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2009-2012 All rights reserved 
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