Get your GOAL On!

Lately I’ve felt a bit like a hamster on a wheel. The wheel keeps on spinning but it seemingly goes nowhere. All the meditation tools and clairvoyant abilities at my disposal and yet I still can’t help wondering what’s the purpose. My heart is full of joy & purpose when I teach a meditation class, lead a Weight Watchers meeting or do a reading and watch the power of healing at work. It is unbelievably fulfilling to help someone find or sell a home. After all home is where the heart is!

I get up each day looking forward to what will magically unfold throughout the day but something has been missing. I’ve been so busy doing for others and making a living that I’ve gotten somewhat lost in the process. Even though I meditate daily and focus on each task with enthusiasm there is always a mountain of work still to be done and that mountain weighs on me so once I finish a task I’m on to the next one. Believe me when I say I do a lot in a day but it bothers me when something isn’t finished. With no end in sight even the things I’m passionate about haven’t brought the joy I’m used to feeling. Sound familiar?

Today I connected with my answer! With all the love that I feel for my clients and students, all the coaching and “goal” speak I realized that my focus is on helping others and making a living BUT making a living is not making a life. I haven’t had a personal goal to work towards and look forward to!!! You certainly can’t reach a goal if you don’t have one!

It’s not that I don’t set goals but there are times when I get so caught up in daily circumstances that I forget to include FUN goals like vacations, massages or taking a class in something I’m interested in. In other words setting a goal to nurture my SPIRIT! Yes, every now and again I need a reminder…after all I’m human! 🙂 Perhaps this blog will not only be a reminder to myself but a reminder to you as well! Time to re-evaluate and set some goals. The best way to Get your Goal On is to put your Goal SMARTs in place!

S=SPECIFIC Make sure your goal is specific! The more specific the better! See it clearly, write it down, day-dream about it. Feel how you want to feel when you get it. Then let it go and let the universe bring it back to you!

M=MEASURABLE Put your goal out there so you really KNOW in no uncertain terms that you are achieving it! In other words something you can actually see, touch and/or feel as it relates to you personally. Be aware of the small changes that happen each day as you move forward toward your goal.

A=ATTAINABLE Create goals that are a stretch but within your reach! Also make sure the goal is within your power and control. For instance, if your goal is to win the lottery, that is not necessarily within your control.  Setting small goals along the way are a great way to measure your successes keeping you focused and moving toward your end goal.

R=REALISTIC Is your goal really YOURS? Make your goal something that is realistic and a good fit for your life and lifestyle. If you want to create BIG changes in your life you may want to set smaller goals that are achievable. Setting a goal to run a marathon (26.2 miles) IS realistic and attainable BUT if you’ve never run one mile it might be worth your while to set a goal of running one mile first! If your goal isn’t realistic you probably won’t continue to work toward it will you?

T=TIMELY As you decide your goals, set a time frame. This gives you something to work towards and keeps your goal in focus. If you don’t create a (realistic) time frame for it, it’s too vague and the ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ syndrome takes effect. A time frame also gives your day-to-day duties (and YOU) a purpose so you are living your life ON purpose.

So how about it? Get back to living your life on purpose! All it takes a a little “goal smarts”! Are you ready? Join me and LET’S GET IT ON!!! Your GOAL that is! What did you think I meant? 😉 ~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Debra is a gifted clairvoyant reader, spiritual healer and intuitive coach providing insight and guidance to clients around the world. Based in Chicago, Debra also leads meditation workshops that help people awaken to their own truth and spiritual gifts. To schedule a session or for more information on readings and workshops please visit her website or send an email request to .

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2 thoughts on “Get your GOAL On!

  1. My personal goal IS to get caught up!

    Seriously, though, my work and my continuing education are things that I am passionate about, and so they ARE my goals. And I am up-to-date on them.

    It’s those other things that come from somewhere “out there” that keep coming in.. things that have to be attended to, such as repairs that suddenly must be done, corrections in over-billing must be taken care of, accidents that require proof of who is at fault… these responsibilities that scream urgency. Who do they think they are?!

    Oh well… back on the hamster wheel I go. I’ll see you on there with me, Debbie!

  2. Beautiful post Debbie! My congrats!
    I read the previous one about meditation and this one: they are both excellent!
    Goals are the medium to achieve our purpose in life. Just today, I wrote a blog post about it. Setting goals is fundamental…if we want to be successful, of course! Like I love to say, if we don’t set up goals we are like a boat in the middle of the sea, at the mercy of the winds.
    I just set up my goals at the beginning of the year, choosing my BIG 5. Working on them with passion, self-discipline, great commitment.

    Thank you for the great reminder.

    Lots of Love from London.

    Linda Lattuca

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