Christmas Full Moon 2015 is Magic!

Christmas Moon 2015This year’s December full moon, also known as the Cold Moon or the Long Night Moon, falls on Christmas Day.

A Christmas full moon is super exciting as it presents us with a rare opportunity for reflection in the midst of magic.

Regardless of the date, all full moons are meaningful. When they coincide with events such as the Winter Solstice (a few days ago) and the magic of Christmas we are able to go deeper to illuminate what has long been held in darkness. If we don’t resist where (or on what)  the light is shining, there is potential for powerful healing.

Holiday time is traditionally a time for giving and goodwill. The full moon may bring to light unexpected things about yourself. The holiday and the full moon observed simultaneously will gift us with truly worthwhile moments to reevaluate our place in the world and our relationships with those we care about.

Since there are maternal and familial influences surrounding this full moon, strong feelings and emotions (both positive and negative) toward family may come up. The influence of the full moon may intensify your desire to be around loved ones for the holidays. On the other hand, the full moon may magnify and intensify negative feelings and emotions. If the latter is the case for you, hang in there and be extra gentle with yourself and use the time to heal old wounds.

There are many spiritual effects that come with the full moon. We experience clarity of mind and heart, heightened psychic awareness, and we are more open to healing deeply buried wounds. Our intensified awareness and the power of the full moon is profoundly beneficial as we turn our attention within for our end-of-year reflections. We can even imbue our holiday greetings with the power of the full moon!

As we wrap up and reflect on 2015 there is holiday magic and the light of the moon to illuminate and guide us on our paths. If the holidays are less than magical for you, take a deep breath, soak in the light of the moon and reflect on the love in your heart.

Wishing you all a beautiful full moon experience filled with light, love, laughter and peace.!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Do You Act Upon Your Miracles?

Miracle & Light“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.”~Albert Einstein

Does a miracle change things by the notion that it appears and “poof” everything changes or is it a matter of acting on the miracle that presented itself? Is it “enough” that you recognized the miracle or will you take action with the knowledge that an amazing opportunity just opened a door for you and all you need do is act upon it by simply taking a step forward to walk through the door?

There’s no better time to reflect upon miracles, spirit and freedom than this holy week of Passover and Easter. From the miracle of the parting of the Red Sea to the miracle of spirit appearing after death, this is a week to reflect upon what we actually DO with the miracles that occur in each of our lives.

It might be a thought, an opportunity or you just might have an epiphany which in an instant helps you change direction. After all aren’t those the miracles you pray for? An answer is just as much of a miracle as anything else if you’ve asked a question (or prayed for it) long enough. What you do with your miracle is up to you but first you must start to see those miracles and find freedom by making the impossible, possible with your choices.

Back in 1980 I was living in Israel on Kibbutz Ha’Ogen. During the time I was there I had the opportunity to part take of a Passover Seder on the Kibbutz. The Seder was very different from the one I experienced growing up. At the time I spoke semi-fluent hebrew and was struck at the core of my being when the words (loosely translated here) were “It is what we did for ourselves with the help of God’s miracles that brought us out of Egypt.” Wait a second! It wasn’t all about what “God did for us (‘us’ meaning the Jewish people) that brought us out of Egypt.”

It made so much sense to me. If the Red Sea parted but the people were too afraid to step forward and actually walk the path that was miraculously created  the story of Exodus would be very different. In fact the story of Exodus might not exist at all. Can you imagine if the people said “ok God, you parted the sea, cool trick. Now what? Can you tele-port me to the other side.” I realized back then that if you don’t act on miracles or opportunities or the answers to your prayers you will still be in a place of waiting for miracles, opportunities or your prayers to be answered. You need to act upon the miracles presented to you at any given moment and in many ways, acting upon your miracles is another miracle!

The definition of a miracle is that which cannot be scientifically explained or otherwise attributable to the “laws of nature” but who of us has not experienced or seen some sort of miracle? The birth of a baby, the seeds sprouting in spring, or waking up in the morning after a devastating storm when you thought you would surely parish. The fact that you are a divine spirit and that you made the choice to live in a human body is a miracle. The sun rising and setting is a miracle.

So as in the opening Einstein quote; “There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” Each day presents you with miracles and perhaps the real miracle is the choice you have to act upon those miracles. It is YOU and what you choose to do for yourself when you are given a miracle that makes all the difference!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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