The shift from the age of communication to the age of awareness IS  happening. If you don’t believe it, all you need do is look at the news.  It is not only happening but accelerating and each one of us is a part of it. There is a revolution going on in the world as people awaken to truth and demand freedom. The freedom to BE and make decisions that affect their very lives.

We see images from Egypt and Libya as people rise up to demand freedom from tyranny. We see people fighting to create a democracy where each person has a right to be heard. There is not only an awakening but a firm belief that freedom is worth taking a stand for…and it is! It is certainly by no coincidence that at this particular time there is freedom afoot all over the world.

For centuries people have been enslaved in some form or another. Chains of bondage exist because judgement, ego and power over (or against) others is mistaken for truth and righteousness.  Judgements are sometimes passed from generation to generation which unfortunately keeps them very much alive.  Addiction to food, work, sex, drugs, alcohol, smoking…all of these create chains that bind and control your life. Those controls are difficult to get rid of because at some level there is an agreement to keep them in place.

Open your eyes to what controls you for freedom does not come about by chance. You must wake up to the truth, follow your heart and set your feet upon a journey where freedom of thought, freedom of spirit and the freedom to be who you are frees you from the controls. NOTHING can imprison your mind, your thoughts, your spirit or your happiness unless you allow it.

When you have inner freedom, no matter your outer circumstances (human experiences) your spirit still shines brightly!  With neutrality and forgiveness, you start a healing process which takes you ever closer to breaking free of the ties that bind you. Finding where you are not free is the first step toward freedom and all it takes is turning your attention within to see the first spark and recognizing who you really are. Your essence as spirit is like a candle flame in your heart that once ablaze lights up the darkness!

Although in the beginning it might seem like a revolution and fight, your flame represents freedom that leads to PEACE within! Awaken the flame and the chains begin to dissolve. The more you fuel your flame with self-love, respect, gratitude and forgiveness the more it grows until it is a beautiful bonfire of light dancing within and creating an aura of bright light around you. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Debra is a gifted clairvoyant reader, spiritual healer and intuitive coach providing insight and guidance to clients around the world. Based in Chicago, Debra also leads meditation workshops that help people awaken to their own truth and spiritual gifts. To schedule a session or for more information on readings and workshops please visit her website or send an email request to .

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5 thoughts on “THE FLAME OF FREEDOM

  1. Thanks Miss D! This is very inspiring, and, as always, relevant! Freedom & liberty, something often taken for granted, and if not, it’s exhausted into the matters of world war and persecution; on either end- tragic when we are not aware of it. Wiki results show “Liberté” as the anthem of several independence movements, also synonymous with “fraternity, or brotherhood,” which spins my wheels to realize, liberty and freedom is in oneness. (Insert ah-hah moment)… and your blog post, says just that…that internal movement is just the thing to set us free! Since recognizing the flame within, it’s been a seeming battle, of it vs. others- or as you note “Chains…” so inevitably, there’s at best, a compromise, and imbalances result… but in recognizing the fraternity of our spiritual flame, that battle ceases to exist. Wow. Thank you, you’ve made my day! xoxo

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