Coming Out of the Clairvoyant Closet~

I wanted to share with you a wonderful experience I had yesterday. It really illustrates how truly being who you are is not only one of the best gifts you can give yourself but how validating and magical it is for others as well!

In addition to clairvoyant readings/healings and spiritual coaching work that I do (which includes writing this blog) I sell Real Estate. It’s very rewarding to use my abilities to help someone buy or sell a home. A home is where the heart is! It is YOUR space! Helping someone find a physical home is not too different from helping them find their spiritual space and I’m passionate about both.

Although I have always used my spiritual gifts in my Real Estate biz, I’ve more or less been in the closet about it. Up until very recently sharing what I do on an energetic/vibrational level was pretty much out of the question! Energy, intuition and healing was not acceptable in the business sector. 

In order to make a living, I quietly gave healings to homes I had listed for sale, to clients and occasionally I helped other agents by clearing energies out of homes they had trouble selling. Every now and again I had a client or colleague who expressed interest in the metaphysical world. Only then I would share what I do with them.

That is until yesterday! Yesterday, I decided to blow the doors open, come out of the clairvoyant closet,  give 15 minute readings to my colleagues and actually do these reading sessions IN my real estate office!

In the most unlikely of places I was welcomed with open arms. Throughout the day I was fielding questions about readings, healings (both for homes and personal), and meditation. I also had the pleasure of hearing about what some of my colleagues were doing to clear the energy in properties!

Now there was a shocker! My colleagues, who do not consider themselves healers, intuitively knew that the energy in some homes did not feel comfortable so to clear it they were smudging with sage, sprinkling holy water and of course burying the upside down St Joseph statue in backyards. They did these things quietly and really didn’t speak of it.

In the process of reading 18 amazing people I watched profound healing taking place. I shared messages from loved ones who passed, and spiritual gifts were validated.  SPIRIT was validated and more importantly, what was once whispered and unacceptable in the business world, at once became more acceptable.

This IS the shift in process.  The more we validate our own spirit and share what we are doing with others, the more others have permission to validate what they instinctively know and feel and it cascades out touching many more.  Yes, each one of us has a part to play in this vibrational shift! 

Each one of us has some gift to give the world. Each gift, no matter what it is, creates positive energies that add to the whole! What was once unacceptable only becomes acceptable when we each decide as individuals to share it with the world!~Shine Your Light~ Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2011 All rights reserved 


Debra is a clairvoyant reader, spiritual healer, intuitive coach and teacher helping people worldwide to awaken to their truth and heal the human spirit. For more information, to schedule a reading/coaching session and information on upcoming workshops & events please visit her website or send an email to

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