You Can’t Heal What you Don’t Want to Confront

Within you there is energy which is yours and energy or programming which is not. Everyone has something to work on and no one is perfect and immune. Sometimes these energies are so engrained in you that you don’t even realize there is an energy which quite possibly has affected you your whole life. You don’t have to be ‘sick’ to need a healing. You can be at a crossroads and/or in a place where you are wondering why you have difficulty manifesting in some area of your life. The latter is the hardest to meet head on because you have to take ownership that at some level YOU are getting in your own way due to holding on to the ‘perfect pictures’ you have created in your mind based on someone else’s truth or past pain.

When you have gone through or are going through a challenging time or having difficulty manifesting your hearts desire you have several choices. You can push the energy aside, pretend it isn’t there, blame someone else, ignore it altogether, stuff it deep down inside you or own it and clear it. You certainly can opt for one of the first five however keep in mind that unless you actually take ownership and clear the energy you will continue to harbor its effects which sometimes lasts for years or manifests into a real illness. Taking ownership does not mean blaming yourself for something that has happened nor does it mean condoning someone else’s (or your own) actions. To be clear I’m referring to taking ownership of YOUR energy and pictures.

Everything is energy and leaves an energy signature….

Have you given up space to an energy signature not your own? It might be as simple as you were trying to be a good little boy or girl when you were little and your replaced your own energy signature with that of your parents. It could mean that you toned down your energy with friends or co-workers therefore taking on the energy of ‘what is acceptable’ so people would like you and you would fit in. Every single moment of your life is filled with energy signatures including your thoughts and those of others. Healing is about clearing these ‘signatures’ and bringing in YOUR energy to take their place. Just like eating to keep your body fueled for physical energy, daily meditation , clearing out what is not you and filling yourself up with what IS you fuels the spirit and gives you more energy to create and manifest your dreams!

You can’t heal what you refuse to confront

In order to heal you must open Pandora’s box so to speak. You must face your deepest fears, uncover the lies placed upon you and take ownership of your own words and actions. You must face pain, sadness and sometimes even grief. When you find YOU and connect with your truth the lies come flying out and at times it feels like your living in Alfred Hitchcock’s famous movie “The Birds”.  It is an eye-opening time which might even translate into painful moments as you finally see the truth, accept it and release the energy signature. Acceptance creates a powerful healing and again it doesn’t mean condoning. It means seeing and accepting the truth, releasing and filling up with forgiveness for yourself and others involved. Also, confronting your personal actions from the past doesn’t make you wrong. It’s important to forgive yourself and let go of any guilt because your actions were based on the information you had and where you were at the time.

All healing is self-healing and you must truly be willing to see the truth as opposed to the jaded version you’ve seen and acted upon through filters of pain, blame or guilt. Choosing to walk the path of healing is not easy and takes courage so remember to be extra gentle with yourself.  As your pictures come up and you face them in quiet relection remember there are people who love you and support your journey. Remember also to fill up with the golden healing light of universal love.~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel  2012 All rights reserved

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7 thoughts on “You Can’t Heal What you Don’t Want to Confront

  1. Thank you Debra. I have been receiving your news letter every week for the past year or so & it goes without saying that with your help have slowly lifted my conscious. I have a very long way to go but the important thing is taking the next step.

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