Romancing the Soul

Valentine’s day is almost here and love is in the air~ While this day is supposed to be a romantic, affectionate, love filled day for expressing love, giving gifts, cards, etc for many it is a day that glares and magnifies the loneliness of not having a significant other.

 One can’t define how, why or who we love and there really are no adequate words to describe it. Love is a feeling, a vibration, an energy and until you actually experience it, it is mystifying and elusive. Love in its purest form exists within each one of us. Love is a state of being! The real mystery to finding love comes in the form of a question; Do you love yourself unconditionally?

I know that’s a loaded question to ask but it goes right to ‘the heart’ of the matter at hand! Many of us spend time seeking love from another when it’s really about opening our hearts to the one that matters most…OURSELVES. Vanity and ego aside you really are the most important person who can love you! When you embrace all of you and what’s in your heart then surround yourself with that vibration every cell and organ in your body feels loved! Your aura exudes love! There is love in the very air you breathe!

Being in your flow and bubble of love you are complete. If you are looking for someone to complete and validate you, you might want to begin by looking inside yourself to see where you feel incomplete, invalidated or if there is an empty place that you trying to fill up. Listen for that little voice inside your head and notice if you are beating yourself up. Be aware of what you tell yourself and where you judge yourself! Become aware of who you believe yourself to be and if you feel worthy and deserving of the love you seek. If you don’t have unconditional self-love and honor yourself,  no matter who loves or validates you, it will always feel like something is missing!

If you’ve ever wondered why people seem to find love when they aren’t looking for it here lies the answer! Those people have turned love “inside out” and start living, giving, loving and honoring themselves. In essence, they open up to loving who they are and begin romancing their own spirit and soul.

Our toughest critic is usually ourself. If you are constantly critiquing or judging yourself…STOP IT! If you feel, tell yourself or believe something needs ‘fixing’ …STOP IT RIGHT NOW! If you’ve looked for love in all the wrong places and no one seems to be ‘the right fit’ …STOP RIGHT NOW and take a journey within to find those places where you don’t quite feel like you fit!

This is not to say that you should not want to share your life and the love you have in your heart. When you are complete and vibrate from a place of love it  vibrates outward and ECHO‘s back to you. So let me ask you…do you want more love and romance in your life? Do you want an amazing and Grand Love Affair ? If so…begin romancing yourself!

Fill up with and surround yourself with love! Shower yourself with droplets of affection! Whisper sweet things to yourself! Buy yourself flowers! Write yourself a love letter! Light candles! Send yourself a valentine! Whatever love and romance means to you treat yourself to that very thing!

Give the most romantic fantasy you’ve ever had to yourself! Treat yourself as you want someone to treat you. If you can’t treat yourself the way you wish to be treated, why should someone else?

Starting today open up to loving yourself with no conditions. Romance your spirit and soul. Make every day Valentine’s Day and look for love in all the right places. The right place to look for love is inside you!~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2009-2011 All rights reserved 

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