What are you feeling?

This is a guest post by Stevie Ray Robison. It really speaks to getting to the bottom of things.

What are you feeling?

It’s a simple question. But it’s not always so easy to answer. Especially when we’re feeling less than our best.

I remember a time walking on the beach. I was confused about the relationship I was in, wanting it to be different, clinging to expectations. I was led to continue to dig deeper. I kept asking “what’s under that?” The conversation with myself went something like this…

“What are you feeling?”

“Sadness. Disappointment.”

“What’s under that?”

“I feel small, hurt, unworthy.”

“And what’s under that?”

“I feel like I deserve what I’m getting. I’m small, so I’m feeling small.”

“Yes. What’s under that?”

“I never felt like I was enough for my parents. They made me feel like I wasn’t trying hard enough.”

“What’s under that?”

“I’m angry. They shouldn’t have judged me. They should have loved me simply and completely.”

“And what’s under that?”

“It makes me sad to remember how I felt when I was young and powerless. I guess I still feel small.”

“What’s under that?”

“Compassion. My parents did the best they could. I forgive them.”

“And what’s under that?”

“Peace. I feel better. I love myself.”

“And what’s under that?”

“Love. Light. Beauty. God.”

“How’s that feel?”


©Stevie Ray Robison

Stevie Ray Robison is a newly emerging poet having discovered his passion and gift for writing as he undertook a spiritual journey beginning in 2001. His writing began as process of self-discovery, journaling in a cathartic process of finding truth and freedom from several addictions.  Read Stevie’s poems at Livingthepoem.com or his blog at Empoweredbydivine.com


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