Live on Purpose!

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Have you taken ‘destiny’ into your own hands creating it and living life on purpose or do you find yourself responding to circumstances beyond your control allowing your growth period to take over?

Living life on purpose means taking your life (and growth) into your own hands. It means that YOU get to create and/or re-create your  destiny! It means knowing that whatever comes your way, you are not powerless. You are in total control of how you react and move forward in ANY situation!

Your life and growth are in constant movement that never stops. You can become the effect of it or you can generate energy, purposefully growing and moving toward your goals. There is a clear difference when you do something on purpose, without effort and consciously. Think of it like a run (or walk). You start at point A and want to go to point B. If you are running against a strong wind,  in effort, dreading every step it feels like you are ‘pounding the pavement’ and carrying dead weight. The focus shifts from enjoying the run to just getting through it.

When you decide to run ON PURPOSE instead of just one foot moving after the other unconscious of anything but dead weight, you hold your upper body straight and take each step on purpose with awareness. You become consciously engaged in the process. Those steps taken on purpose, allow you to enjoy the run, go farther, and finish faster. Taking each step on purpose also allows you to change direction at will! Perhaps there’s another path you’d like to explore. A path that is paved by you, not a path created by someone else.

Life is very much the same as going out for a run or walk. You can put one foot in front of the other and move along responding or you can tap into your inner resources, connect with your purpose and take your life and destiny into your own hands. If you are in effort, defining yourself from past experiences, resisting every step, chances are you feel stuck and you’re not enjoying the growth that as spirit you came here to experience this lifetime.

Living life on purpose means waking up and navigating which direction your life goes. It means letting go of the past, expanding your horizons and discovering who you are and what YOU really want for YOU. It means that every step you take is a choice and that you are taking ownership of that choice. When you live your life on purpose, there is no chance only choice. The choices you make and the steps you take in present time are the ones that determine your destiny!

Connect with your inner resources, listen to your internal navigation, discover your purpose, take each step with awareness, change direction if you wish, live your life on purpose and create your destiny!~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2011-2012 All rights reserved
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4 thoughts on “Live on Purpose!

  1. You ideas of purpose are correct.
    However you are placing too much importance on control –
    you need to flow and be very versitile and change direction as the flow or glow indicates – and yes you need to be purposeful and take the responsibilty of your choices and don’t let the purpose pass you by – the flow of nature will not wait for you and sometimes you only get one chance.
    Your destiny is not in your hands only the choice of following it or not – if you do not it will be harder to learn this lesson in your next life.
    Placing goals produces confusion as your mind gets in way of your destiny – you have to follow your heart.
    Becoming constantly engaged in your process brings you into the NOW if you plan you go into the future and you get confused – so its very important to make each step in present time (NOW). Its like playing tennis you need to follow the ball all the way to the racket as you hit it otherwise you are out of the now.
    Exactly: Connect with your inner resources, listen to your internal navigation, discover your purpose, take each step with awareness, change direction if you wish, live your life on purpose and create your destiny!~Shine Your Light Debbie
    all the best and thank you, Ron

  2. It’s so true that we can either consciously create our growth or let another and be at the effect of it.

    I’ve had many circumstances in my life that were not my doing yet it created another unwilling growth experience for me. It wasn’t until much later when I learned that we are all creators and that we must be conscious of the fact in order to do it.

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