How would you spend 525,600?

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Say I were to give you $525,600 per year for the rest of your life. That’s $1440 per day! I’m sure you can think of many ways to spend it but the catch is you can’t spend any of it on yourself! Altruism aside, how would you feel if you were given that amount of money and couldn’t spend any of it…not one dime, on yourself.

To be sure that’s a lot of money and you might get a little angry if I dropped a sack filled with money on your doorstep every year yet none of it was for you. Wouldn’t it be great if we ALL had $525,600 per year, every year for the rest of our lives! The things we could do, places we could go, the things we could see & experience. If you could use it for yourself would you place value on every $1 and use it to enhance not only your life but the lives of those you hold dear?

Certainly with that kind of money coming in every year your life would change. You’d probably relax, take time to focus on those things and people who are important to you. You’d spend your time and energy on things that make you happy now instead of worrying about the future. Now follow along with me here. What if the ‘currency’ I’m really talking about is your TIME and how you value yourself? Do you value your time and energy as much as the value you place on money? Play along with me here for a few moments! 🙂

Every year you have 525,600 valuable minutes. That’s 1440 minutes per day and it renews every year. I wish I could say there is ‘roll-over’ time but that’s it! It’s finite. There is no ‘do over’. Once you’ve ‘spent’ your time it’s done, over, finito. Similar to spending money don’t you think? Every minute has value. What you spend your time and energy focusing on has value just as you have great value. Do you spend some of your precious minutes on YOU? If not it’s very much like the ‘catch’ I mentioned in the beginning of this…you are not placing value on yourself!

So how do you spend your 1440 minutes each day? What could you create with the valuable time you spend thinking about the past or worrying about the future? How many minutes do you spend nurturing your spirit? How many valuable minutes do you string together for beautiful moments in your life?

Noticing where you put your time and energy is the first step toward valuing each moment. With awareness you have a choice about how you’d like to spend your minutes. You can choose to spend time creating wonderful experiences and living life or unable to move forward and stuck in the past. You can choose to love or hate. You can choose to spend your time and energy worrying or creating something new. Whatever you choose, remember that once you’ve spent it, it’s gone and merely a memory. Why not choose to Live On Purpose? 🙂

In the movie “RENT” the song “Seasons of Love” says it best. ‘525,600 moments so dear…how do you measure a year….’ There is value to who and what you spend time loving. There is value to where you place your time and energy. Be sure to spend time on your most valuable resource….YOU!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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9 thoughts on “How would you spend 525,600?

  1. I’d find a new homeless person each day/week/month and give them the what was needed to fill their own goals & dreams. Help them replace what was taken from them through the meanness of others which lead to their homeless in the first place & make sure they had the connections to keep a residual income coming in so when what I provided was used up they’d have pathways for more to keep entering~ thus avoiding the situation they were in when I found them. However, I’d only provide it to those homeless WITH GOALS & Dreams AND agreed to share 10% of there now new profits with another~ otherwise, what is really the point, they’d just go back to the streets all over again and never learn to give as well.
    Brightest Blessings,
    Sabrina Oxford

  2. Hi Debbie,

    A creative and attention grabbing post.

    Each moment matters. Really. Learn how to become married to the moment. Check your vibe continually. Like every few minutes, if you feel your energy shifting. Nothing is more important than feeling good and light each moment, for your feelings help create your life.

    Use techniques to observe your feelings. I take hourly breaks to drop everything, go into a sleepy, drowsy state, and watch my emotions. After releasing low energy stuff I state an affirmation. I dream, making my dream more reality-like each moment. I hold it, until I touch it.

    Thanks Debbie!


  3. Great post, Debbie! Somehow it’s easier for me to instantly come up with ideas of how I would spend the money on others (or even myself) than to think about how I would value myself and my time. Mostly I think of ways to reduce financial stress, such as buying homes for special relatives and friends, helping them pay for college, and even helping some strangers who have had catastrophic things happen to them or who were born with severe disabilities.

    In recent years I have been getting very good at setting up boundaries, so those who wish to use me and steal my time have great difficulty in doing so now. But after reading your post, I notice that most of my “time” is still spent doing things for others (clients, family) and for the “house” — the accounting, the shopping, the cleaning, the repairs, etc.

    So this morning I see that I need to slip some more fun things into my schedule. Going out dancing one a month is not enough!

  4. Your posting made me think about the “time” I spend volunteering, and I realized that it’s a great win-win. I win because I enjoy giving of my self freely, and those I volunteer with win because they are receiving the gift of my time!

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