Do you have a Fear of Success?

Fear is a powerful energy that can stop you dead in your tracks. It is an energy that can run in the background without you even knowing it. It could simply be that little doubt in the back of your mind or on a larger scale, cause panic attacks, or self sabotage. Typically we delve into letting go of our fear of failure but there is another side to it; The fear of success.

Rather than focus on failure, it is helpful to focus on success. If you are focusing on failure, guess what’s going to happen? You are probably successful in many areas of your life but there’s this one thing….the one you want most which eludes you. Do you have a picture of what life would be like if you succeeded in that particular area? If you can’t see your success clearly it’s time to begin seeing yourself as successful! 🙂

Fear is a funny thing. Not the haha kind of funny but interesting to look at. If you’ve been unsuccessful achieving your dream there may be an underlying invalidation or a doubt in your mind that says you ‘can’t do it’ because you’re somehow not worthy or good enough to have it. There is also the ‘what will I do then’ thought. Oh yes, that one! If your focus has always been on say losing weight, what will you focus on once you hit your goal? If you’ve spent time and energy trying to ‘find the one’, what happens when you do?

If you succeed at the very thing you’ve wanted most whether it be happiness, love, a successful career, a family, it means life as you know it will completely change and you must focus your time and energy on something else. Many people (maybe not YOU but many people) are so comfortable in the seeking that just when success is in their grasp they quit because they don’t believe they can succeed or can’t picture what life will be like once they get it.

When you create a clear picture in your mind of having the relationship you want, losing weight, visualizing your book being published, painting or putting an idea on paper, a successful career, whatever it is for you, trust me the fear will come up! Just let it bubble up and then send it on its merry way! 🙂

Here’s where it get REALLY interesting=>Is the fear really yours? AH HA! Take everything I just wrote and throw it out the window because more often than not the energy of fear you experience IS NOT YOURS! In fact, any energy that doesn’t feel good, is out of your control or stops you from moving forward IS NOT YOURS!

Take a moment to ponder this. When you are successful in ALL areas of your life, it changes in ways you can’t even imagine. What does that mean for your friends and family? Might one or two of them be uncomfortable because they don’t feel successful in some area of their own life? Are you being ‘nice’ and not taking steps toward your success so others are comfortable?

I now recommend you take a deep breath! Let go of everything that just came up for you. Indeed it might not be a fear of failure that gets in the way but the fear of actually succeeding…and that fear might not even be yours so LET IT GO! ~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel  All rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “Do you have a Fear of Success?

  1. This is a very interesting side – the fear not being yours; it opens a whole new level of understanding it. I enjoyed your post.

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