How Much Can You Have?

Have you ever noticed that no matter how many good things are happening in your life that your focus and attention still goes to those things that you don’t have? This is easy to spot when there is a BUT that comes at the end of a sentence during your internal dialogue!

What do I mean by that? Well, here are some examples. You just got a promotion or recognition at work and you immediately say ‘wow that’s awesome BUT I don’t have the relationship I want’.  You just finished a big project (which could be anything you are working on) and you say ‘great, that’s finished BUT I didn’t get to…’ this, that or the other thing.

What good things are happening or are you bringing in to your life that you acknowledge for only a moment before you ‘BUT’ them? I receive emails all the time asking why nothing is working when the focus is on what they want, thoughts are positive, and that person is dreaming and feeling like they already have it BUT nothing is happening.

One thing to explore for yourself is; Are you having what is already here and how much of it can you have? It’s kind of like going on a shopping spree and letting all the new stuff stay in the bag or box until you have time to wear it, unpack it or set it up. The point here is to  HAVE the new things you just  brought in!

The ability to HAVE (ie. havingness) expands when you have what you have. If you are looking for a job, can you HAVE and enjoy the time you have not working? In your relationships are there men or women interested in you BUT you still want someone who doesn’t give you the time of day so you don’t move forward with anyone else? Can you have getting out and meeting a potential new friend whether it is the relationship of your dreams or not? What if that person turns out to be your best friend?

Of course continue to do what you need to do to find a job, it’s not going to magically appear, however do take time to enjoy not working. Maybe at some level you created the situation to explore your real passion or to spend time healing yourself. Worrying about and being in effort will not get you a job, relationship,  more money,  increased abundance, or change your life circumstances. Begin noticing how much you already have! If you are vibrating from a place of havingness guess what the universe will recognize? Yup, you guessed it MORE havingness!

Every BUT at the end of a sentence invalidates whatever you are attaching the BUT to! If you are not getting exactly what you want, can you have what you are getting and consider it a stepping stone toward increasing your havingness?

Take time to reflect on what you have. Have and appreciate MORE of what you already have and then decide to raise your havingness to new heights! I’d be willing to bet that if you begin taking inventory, you have a lot more than you think!  No ifs, ands or BUTS about it! ~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel All rights reserved

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3 thoughts on “How Much Can You Have?

  1. This is wonderful; how lucky we all are to HAVE such a beautiful spirit + spiritual leader in you! This is such an empowering, freeing way to live…and its endless cycle creates having for others, and in turn back to the you- all really is one! To that, we really are so lucky to have this freedom of living with havingness, thank you for showing us!!

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