Making it REAL: Feng Shui for Body & Spirit

This week’s theme for the week is making it real. Making it real not only means manifesting those things your working on but having them and bringing the energy into your body to FEEL and be a part of it. What good is manifesting if you there’s no space for it or you can’t have whatever it is?

Often times in reading sessions a trend emerges. These trends are certain common themes several people are working on. This past week every person I read was working not just to mock-up (create) what they wanted but to actually bring it in, make it real and FEEL the energy in their body.

How do you make it real?

In order to make it real you have to make space for it both energetically and physically. Think of this as feng shui for spirit & body. 🙂 Making it real starts with clearing out what is not real (lies or programming you’ve perhaps bought in to) and raising your havingness for what you want. Again this means making space for something new to come in. While meditating, instead of the focusing on those things you want to let go of, allow yourself to bring in and fill up with YOUR energy vibration. Doing this will attract those things you want because your energy is…well…attractive! 🙂 How much can you have? Can you have all of YOU? If not I would definitely recommend you start there. If you can’t have YOU how can you have all those things you want?

How do you make a space for it?

Feng shui your physical and energetic space! Create beautiful surroundings that bring you peace, calm and happiness. Your physical space has an effect on your spiritual space and visa versa. Here are some examples: If you’re looking for relationship is there a space for it? Can you have it? Making physical space for a relationship is as simple as sleeping on one side of the bed so there’s a space for someone else on the other side or cleaning out your closet and making room for someone else’s clothing. In terms of law of attraction by doing this you are creating a space for someone else and shifting your energy so it feels like they are already there!

You must also clear out and make a space in your heart. If you are angry, your thoughts are filled with painful memories of past relationships or you are bitter over a break up, there is no space for love. Bring your own unique vibration of love into your heart and allow it to cascade out so you are sitting in a bubble of that energy. Again, don’t worry about letting go. Filling up with YOU clears the energy too!

If you’re looking for a job, what are you doing each day? Often times if you find a part-time job doing something you love, even if you don’t have the job you are seeking, energetically you are working. Your energy shifts into work mode and by doing something you love (even if it’s volunteering) you’ll feel good about yourself and begin to project that vibration out into the world. You are also out there being seen. If you’re sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself guess what gets sent out into the universe?

Whatever it is YOU are working on, making it real begins with having space. When both your physical and energetic space are in harmony, you can expand and create space for something new! Make it real inside AND out!~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel  2011 All rights reserved

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