The Gifts of Love, Compassion & Forgiveness….

The greatest gifts in the world are not wrapped in the most beautiful paper tied neatly with a bow. Boxed gifts and material possessions cannot heal a hurting soul. The most precious gifts you can give are those of love, compassion and forgiveness.

This year those gifts are more important than ever; Our economy is in a shambles, people are losing their jobs or homes, many are in pain and losing hope. You might not recognize those hurting inside as you pass by them on the street or you might be the one in pain carrying the burden of an illness or emotional pain which cannot be seen. People may lash out and hurt you not because of something you said or did but because they are hurting inside themselves.  It might be you who does the lashing out for the same reason. NOW more than ever is the time to open your heart, forgive and have compassion for those around you and the best way to do this is to start with yourself.

If you or someone you know is carrying a heavy load it is important to remember that you (or the others) are not broken and don’t need fixing. What is needed is love, compassion and understanding. Until you walk in another’s shoes you can never know what triggered an emotional reaction or outburst. This is true for you as well. If you walk around thinking you need ‘fixing’ that is the message you put out to everyone you meet. Sometimes it’s necessary to bravely look at yourself and your own burdens. Do have expectations of how others should treat you as if you are the only one carrying burdens? Do you love and respect yourself? Do you treat your body with compassion and forgiveness? If you expect others to treat you with love, compassion and forgiveness no one will be able to live up to those expectations unless you treat yourself that way.

How you treat yourself is how you teach others to treat you. It is precisely the vibration you put out that others react to. Take a moment to reflect on those areas you can love yourself more. Can you forgive yourself if you’ve lashed out at another whether (in your eyes) they deserved it or not? Do you love yourself for who you are with all your faults? Do you treat your physical body with love even if it’s not perfect? Do you strive to open your mind and expand your knowledge so you have a deeper understanding of yourself and or what someone else is going through? Can you put judgement aside and forgive yourself for the indiscretions and choices you’ve made which may have inadvertently hurt either yourself or someone else? Now is the time to love yourself and forgive. After all you’ve been through love is the one thing that stands by you, has faith in you, supports you, and is always there for you. Love teaches you to forgive the seemingly unforgivable. Compassion and forgiveness lead to loving unconditionally.

Open your heart to love. Allow love to flow through your heart and surround you. Allow your actions to match. We are all connected by love and when we show love and compassion through our actions every moment is a loving moment. Our actions show the outer world what we have inside. Our actions show the intimate relationship we ultimately have with ourselves. Make gift giving a daily habit by giving the gifts of compassion, forgiveness and love. Start with yourself….begin within.~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel  2012 All rights reserved

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