It’s a Beautiful Night for a Moon Dance!

full moon“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”~Buddha

When the full moon shines it illuminates the earth and sky. What a wonderful reminder to use her gentle energy to heal and replenish! In an all to often harsh world I find that the challenge many people have does not lie in “getting rid of” energy but the forgetting to replenish and return to their natural flow after everything has been released.

Whether scientific or energetic everything has its own balance and the moon affects us just like the sun. The sun is a powerful energy; The moon is a much more gentle energy and we need both in our lives to help us keep in balance and harmony. I think the full moon’s gotten a bit of a bum rap. From movies about werewolves and vampires to the myth that people go a little crazy during a full moon. There are those who cringe or prefer to stay inside and not go out to simply gaze at the beauty of a full moon sky.

Many years ago I went on a women’s camping retreat in Death Valley and we decided to go on a night hike in the Mojave desert. Since the moon was full we didn’t take flashlights. The excitement was palpable as we left our cars and walked into the sand dunes. We stopped to have a ceremony of sorts. There was a gentle breeze blowing thorough the quiet desert and we took time in silent meditation, honored the moon and then as a group of psychic women might do, we started howling and giggling at the bright orb in the sky. It was probably one of the most healing moments I’ve every experienced.

Grounding in the desert under a full moon with desert flowers in bloom has such a peaceful energy about it; That is until you get so absorbed in the beauty and celebration of the moment, you realize you didn’t pay attention to the direction you took while walking IN! Yes, about 20 of us were lost in the desert with only the full moon to light our way. No sign of our cars, the parking lot nothing! Just the endless sand dunes and the light of the moon.

We started walking and trying to find our original trail in but to no avail. The fear lit up, past lives lit up and each person wanted to control the direction we would go. Finally we grounded, cleared the fear, control and female competition (again something that a group of powerful psychic women will do) and allowed our situation to simply BE. Then like the Phoenicians, Greeks and many of our ancient ancestors who traveled to new lands, we navigated back with guidance from the moon.

What probably surprised me the most was how calming and healing the moon’s energy is even though it is a very different from that of the sun. The moon has a quiet way of guiding you back to yourself.  In contrast to the sun, the moon’s shimmery glow gently illuminates the darkness and, if you let it, allows you to open your eyes to that which you haven’t wanted to look at quietly and with little drama. Using the energy and glow of the moon to guide you back “home” brings a sense of serenity and peace within.

When was the last time you howled at the moon?  When was the last time you allowed the moon to guide you? When was the last time you took a few moments to gaze into the sky to admire the moon and stars? When was the last time you did a full moon meditation and used that energy to heal? When was the last time you….“danced by the light of the moon“?~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2013 All rights reserved 
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