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“When we have space to be that which we are already, we’re not only fine, we’re magnificent.” Give yourself the space to BE that magnificence.

PGS the Way

I’m enjoying swapping emails with Michael Tamura, the psychic healer and teacher based at Mount Shasta, in Northern California.

Each email I get from Michael teaches me something new.

The other day he sent me an email – and in it he responded to something I’d written him, about how I learned to dispel fear while walking the Camino by asking myself: What’s the worst that can happen?

I said to him that when you answer that truthfully, and you examine that answer from all angles, without fear, then the worst is usually not so bad after all.

Here is what Michael wrote in reply:

I like your mantra, too: “What’s the worst that can happen?”  I’ve used that myself many times.  It buys us space in relationship to the fears that may arise in the mind.  And, space is not the final frontier – it needs to be the…

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