What Touches Us Changes Our Lives Forever….

Touch“It is everyday, a normal day, it is one day that a chance meeting can change, influence and touch your life and send you on a different course. It is a smile, it is helpful hand, a comment overheard at the bus stop that makes you pause and think.”~Excerpt from Touch by Ellyzabeth Adler

Those who cross our path and touch our hearts are a part of our lives forever. Even those who touch our lives in passing become a part of our history and no matter how much time passes, our history remains. Nothing is or can be deleted. Once touched, we are forever changed.

The mind may, and most probably will, distort the facts. This is most common when it comes to our closest relationships. Our history is embellished and made more beautiful, romantic, idealistic, perfect; or more horrific, full of blame, disgust or imperfections. However we remember a past event, keep in mind that unless we’re actually watching an unedited video, listening to an unedited recording or reading unedited words, it is all a picture, an illusion.

We may not have heard what we thought we heard. We might have missed something that was said. We might have misunderstood an intent because we were experiencing everything through filters of fear, guilt or even hope. We might have misunderstood because we were not fully present and actually listening.

At times we all have selective “sight” and “hearing”. This is completely natural and only becomes a challenge when we hold on to the past and someone has to be “right”. Distorting the past and having to be “right” is more about not taking ownership for our part. It is us trying to rationalize “why” something happened or didn’t happen; rationalizing why something worked out or didn’t.

Let’s face it, when it comes to ourselves we occasionally experience moments of “willful blindness”. There are just some things we not only don’t want to see within ourselves, but those things we don’t want or aren’t ready to take ownership of. Whether we choose to face them head on or not the energy charge is still there until we release resistance, accept, forgive and allow ourselves to re-connect with love.

All those who have crossed our path and touched our hearts are a part of our history. We cannot ignore, or rationalize and there is no need to be “right”. We must accept and take ownership for our part. We must accept and take responsibility for the history we were fully engaged in creating even if we did not have our full awareness.

It is not how we remember so much as that we HONOR those people and experiences that have shaped our lives and become a part of our history. Those who have touched us.

“Touch is the pure essence to life, to love, to all human beings; to what connects us.”~Excerpt from Touch by Ellyzabeth Adler

Love is what touches us. Kindness is love extended to another. Love is what connects us. Love is also a vibration many fear for love makes us vulnerable. It is fear that causes us to rationalize, get angry or distort the very history that simply because it touched us, gave us a most profound gift.

The distorted memories are what keep us stuck, angry, afraid and unable to receive the gentle touch of a hand or a heart reaching out. Love is what we are and what connects us. Love is so powerful it may very well be the source of fear because when we are touched by it we know everything changes.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.“~Rumi

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