Earth Day: Going Green Every Day

Officially Earth Day is on April 22nd and we are dedicated to celebrating the earth, cleaning up and raising awareness of what we can do to honor and care for our most valuable resources. As we show our appreciation for the Earth and our environment we “go green” to create an environmentally sustainable society to lessen our impact of living on this beautiful planet.

As we celebrate the earth it serves as a reminder that GOING GREEN is not only for the EARTH! You are OF and connected TO the earth. YOU are a valuable resource on this planet and you also have access to inner resources which are just as valuable.  As you honor our beautiful mother earth, do you honor yourself as a valuable resource as well?

By honoring yourself, connecting with the earth and turning your attention within you are becoming more aware of who you really are. Your most valuable resource is your energy flow and when you allow your valuable energy to flow through you (letting go of all that is not) you create tremendous growth and change for yourself. The more often you do this, the more you are growing and expanding your awareness. Did you know that when you are creating change and growth in your life, your AURA actually turns GREEN!

It’s true! Much like the trees begin to bud in the spring, you are budding with new growth; And with this new growth comes a change in the landscape! So are you GOING GREEN these days? One way to find out is to ask yourself; How have you been treating your body, spiritual and physical environments? Just as you honor the earth, you must honor your own environments.

Take a moment to check in with yourself and the space around you.  Are you eating healthy foods, caring for and giving to your body? Are you taking time in your daily life to nurture your spirit by allowing yourself to BE? Is your physical space clean and in order? If you notice things are messy and out-of-place in your physical surroundings it is a sign that your inner world looks the same. If you don’t feel good there is a state of dis-ease. If you find your attention on everything and everybody except YOU it is time to honor and care for yourself.

All the aforementioned are ‘signs’ and indicators that it’s time to do a little clean up. If you have picked up negativity or toxic energy, time to get out the hazardous materials suit and begin cleaning out any waste that may have accumulated. Let go of the garbage you’ve become responsible for carrying around. Your connection with the earth helps you cleanse. If you want to know what it feels like to connect with the earth, focus your attention on your feet and the feel the flow of energy from the earth. Go outside, hug a tree and imagine being connected just as the tree is rooted into the earth.

Once you’ve cleaned things up a bit, it’s time to shine it up! Take a deep breath, bring your attention back to you and feel your connection with the earth. Then allow the biggest, brightest most illuminating sun you can imagine to shine on you! Feel its warmth on your face! Feel the rays permeate every cell in your body! Allow yourself to bud, grow and expand! Honor & celebrate all the natural resources you hold within. YOU ARE your own personal most valuable resource……!

It is time to celebrate and honor the earth. It is time to celebrate and honor YOU! There is only one earth and we must all care for her diligently. There is only one YOU that lives on this beautiful planet we call earth and you must also care diligently for YOU!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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