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This post was originally published in 2010 but still applies today. It has been updated in honor of Chicago’s Pride Parade this weekend.

In light of recent events in the news and National Coming Out day I decided to take a clairvoyant look at the energy of pride and owning who you are. This is not about the ‘ego’ but in being proud of who you are, standing tall in the face of adversity and ‘coming out‘ in the sense of showing your true self to the world.

St. Augustine refers to pride as “the love of one’s own excellence”. This is not pride as competition or being better than someone else. I’m looking at the energy of pride with neutrality sans judgment. This is about loving yourself for who you are and all you are; Mind, body, spirit and soul.

‘Coming out’ is not reserved for a select group of people. There are many who have hidden themselves and dimmed their light because of embarrassment, shame or the perception that if they truly show themselves it will embarrass or shame someone else. Some hide or hold their heads down as they walk  down the street. Some might feel ugly or  fat, maybe they are homeless, or don’t feel  worthy enough to hold their head high and look up.

In today’s economic climate maybe someone is embarrassed or ashamed because they don’t make as much money as someone else…or even enough to make ends meet. Some try to blend in because of sexual orientation; Going about their day being who they think others should see merely to be accepted in today’s society. They don’t want to shame themselves or others and sadly, there are a few who decide to end their life over it. I’ve even seen people with an illness who didn’t want to show themselves, feeling that in some way they weren’t ‘whole’ or that the illness (dis-ease) somehow made them less competent in the eyes of others. It may be that someone is going through a difficult time in their personal life, a relationship or lack thereof, a divorce or suffered at the hand of abuse.

There is no shame in not making enough money, whom you choose to love, your sexual orientation, being too fat or too thin, your relationship status or having an illness! There is no shame because inside of you there is a light that has perhaps been dimmed by the judgements of others. While you might not want to open yourself up and tell all your deepest secrets to the world but DO take pride in yourself and begin to shine your light brightly! You are worthy of standing tall in this world so raise your head and stop looking down or isolating!

Coming out doesn’t necessarily mean declaring it, bearing your naked soul and shouting it from the rooftops, although it is your choice to do that if you wish. It means knowing who you are on the inside, that you have value and that who you are does matter! It means knowing that your very presence, what you have to offer and your divine inner light is worthy of shining in this world. Take pride in who you are! Be who you are! Love who you love! Hold your head high, be proud and come out, come out, wherever you are!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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