The Autumn Equinox-It’s Harvest Time!

In the northern hemisphere September 21st marked the vernal, or autumnal equinox; The beginning of fall and the autumn harvest.  Have you ever heard ‘you reap what you sow’? Fall is a wonderful time to take a closer look at life’s harvest.

Did you plant any seeds in your garden of life in the beginning of the year that are ready for harvest? Is some of your crop still in a growth cycle and not quite ripe enough to pick? Are there bulbs you’d like to plant so they can flower in the future?

Harvest and planting is a perfect metaphor for life. It gets one to thinking about what it is that we are reaping NOW in our lives, what is still in process and what seeds we would like to plant for the future. If you are focused on things that happened in the past, worrying about the future or current  problems, you are not planting seeds for the future. All creating happens in the present and your ‘vision’ is the seed to plant. If you don’t have a dream, you can’t plant the seed!

“My mind is a garden. My thoughts are the seeds. My harvest will be either flowers or weeds.”~Mel Weldon

Whatever you are harvesting now, take a moment to reflect on what type of seeds you planted and all that happened after you planted them. Did you water the garden? Clear out the aphids? Fertilize? In other words did you care for your seeds to support growth?

Once you plant the seeds for what you want, if you are aware and paying attention, you are given information on the steps you need to take to reap a bountiful harvest. This information is useful and can point you in the right direction! Are you heeding the signs? It may be as simple as your intuition telling you to take a different route home or something more profound like getting the flu so you have to stay home and care for yourself. It could also be a nagging feeling that doesn’t go away until you pay attention to it.

The universe works in collaboration with you and you really do reap what you sow. If you are not happy with your harvest, what steps are you willing to take so that once you plant new seeds you are able to recognize what your garden needs to nurture it? There is no quick fix! While occassionally there are instances of immediate gratification, growth takes time and care. You may even find that you don’t really want to take the steps and that’s OK it’s where you are; BUT if you aren’t happy with the way things are going, take some time to turn within to look at what type of seeds you planted and how you cared for your garden.

Whether you are reaping the rewards of your harvest or deciding to plant different seeds it’s time for your garden to flourish! Harvest and honor the crop you preciously planted then plant new seeds to move on! Fall is a wonderful time to “Fall” in love! “Fall” into a fresh cycle! “Fall” into fun! “Fall” into a new YOU reaping a bountiful harvest!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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On the road to success do you get in your own way? (Part 1)

It goes without saying that we all want to be successful. We dream big, imagine what life would be like and sometimes we even start building a foundation for success yet for some reason there are times we become stuck or blocked on the way. The people who we perceive as successful were not without challenges and pitfalls; they persevered, climbed out of the pit and turned stumbling blocks into stepping-stones. How did they do it you might ask. The answer to that question is simple. They got out of their own way by focusing on success instead of the energies which come up time and time again as they moved closer to their goal.

Of course there are many reasons why you get close to success and movement seems to abruptly stop just short of your goal. This is precisely the time to take time in meditation to see what’s happening. I’ve listed here the top four energies which I continually see come up during reading sessions and workshops. It’s interesting to note how easily it these 4 energies take over. If you don’t take time to acknowledge and clear them out it is YOU who get in the way of your own success.

Fear of Success

In a recent workshop on creating one of the students left trembling and in tears.  I spoke with her a few days later and asked about her experience. She told me that in the workshop she created something so BIG that she became overwhelmed with what she had just put into motion and it frightened her to the very core. The truth of what happened was that all the energies about how much her life would change, what she would have to let go of and who she might have to leave behind in the process came up. At any point on your road to success pictures and energies will get stimulated and you can move through them and let them go or you can hold on tightly. Worrying about ‘what’s next’ is also a fear which should be addressed. Once you’ve put into motion your success it’s in motion! If you allow the fear to control the outcome, you’ve gotten in your own way. Let go of the fear and allow success to unfold before your very eyes!

Limiting Beliefs 

Is there a limit to how successful you can be? Did someone once tell you that for some reason you weren’t good enough or smart enough to be truly successful? Were you programmed to believe your life should unfold in a certain order or what your particular role should be  Did you identify with what they told you and at some point it became your truth? I see this a lot when I read women. They are in a struggle to meet the programming of being a wife and mother vs. a successful business woman following their dreams. In a sense they are limiting their experience to one or the other. There are many people, not just women, who hold on to the belief that life is supposed to be a certain way. If you believe what others have told you about what your role should be or you put limits on your success you are getting in your own way. Turn your attention within and discover what makes you tick, what YOU believe about yourself and know that you indeed can succeed no matter what. Find those things YOU are enthusiastic about creating in your life. Your idea of success might very well be completely different from someone else’s. Welcome support from others, ‘divorce’ the naysayers in your life and in the words of a dear friend ‘believe you can achieve’ and you will! Read More

I have split this post into Part 1 & Part 2 to go into more detail . Part 2 is about raising your havingness, clearing resistance and measuring success. CLICK HERE for Part 2.~Shine Your Light Debbie

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