Memorial Day Gratitude; Words are not enough…

memorial-dayMemorial Day in the United States has changed from its civil war roots originally called Decoration Day. It has become a day for honoring those who serve(d) in the armed forces.

This is a day to put aside any judgement about war and honor those who fought (and are still fighting) bravely. It is time to pause and reflect upon the true meaning of Memorial Day and not just consider this day as the unofficial start of summer.

It is a sad truth that war exists but it does. It is a part of history in almost every country. Whether it be a civil war, the fight for freedom,  human rights or against tyranny there are those who step up and take on the duty of serving and protecting.

There are many reasons men and women join the armed forces but the fact remains they are stepping up with the knowledge that they might have to go into battle at some point. They step up when they KNOW they could lose their lives. Even those who were drafted in years past fought for their lives and ours. Many paid the price and made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom.

War is not pretty and leaves a mark on everyone and everything it touches; Soldiers, family, friends and the countries where the wars take place. It leaves a mark on each one of us as we watch with horror from our homes. Saying thank you isn’t enough. One day of honor and memorial isn’t enough. Mere words are not enough nor is placing flowers or a flag on a gravestone but it is all we can do.

To those who have put their lives on the line for us; To those who put their lives on the line to help others be free; To the families of those who lost their lives in the line of duty let us say thank you. Let us honor this day and give thought to the meaning of memorial day and how our lives have changed because of these brave souls who took on the huge responsibility of defending our country and fighting for democracy and freedom all over the world.

We honor you and thank you for your service. We honor those who lost their lives and pray that those who fought and returned find love and peace in their hearts again. We say thank you and pray for the families of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. We say thank you and honor each and every person who stepped up to sign up.

We say thank you and honor those who were drafted. On this memorial day please join me in a moment of silence to honor, say thank you and send out the vibration of gratitude, appreciation and peace to our veterans past and present.  It is with the utmost respect, gratitude and appreciation that we say THANK YOU for your service! You ARE appreciated and words are simply not enough…..~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Count Your Blessings Not Your Stressings!

Rainbow BlessingsRepeat after me “I’m too blessed to be stressed!” There, didn’t that feel good? If you rolled your eyes or your thoughts immediately went to all the things putting pressure on you, it’s time to start counting your blessings not your stressings!

In this world of information overload it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stuck in those things that cause stress in our lives. In our personal lives there are deadlines to meet, children to take care of, demanding bosses, relationship issues and for many money is tight to put it mildly. Add to that your interactions on social media like pets who need to be saved, prayer requests and social or political action that simply cannot just wait.

It seems that everything needs to be done right now and although we’ve been blessed with technology beyond what anyone could have imagined a few, short 10 years ago to help us we are even more stressed than ever. Stress and worry seem to consume even the best of us leaving our minds racing and our bodies with a sense of unease. There is a whole new meaning for the “rat race”.  Stress is “equal opportunity” and no one is totally immune. That said, let’s break down what stress really is so you can start counting your blessings!

Stress plain and simple is your energy and focus outside of you. It is your thoughts and attention on the tasks you have to complete IN THE FUTURE, the fear of what MAY OR MAY NOT happen in the future or the fear a task will not be completed. Stress is your body’s way of reacting to challenges and one reacts to those challenges in a variety of ways. Stress and overwhelm are a part of everyone’s life and more than ever before we all have a lot on our plates (an understatement for me).

The biggest challenge tends not to be what is stressing you but getting “stuck”  and working hard to “get rid of” the stress. When you are working hard or feel stuck you are in resistance; And what you resist you become. When you are in effort (and or resistance) you can be sure that energy is going to stick around for quite some time. Yes there is a lot to do, challenges to overcome and deadlines to be met but when you start focusing on your blessings and allowing everything to simply BE you move through the challenges faster and possibly even with grace and ease.

Shifting your focus can be as easy as looking around you and counting your blessings. You are blessed If you’re reading this to have a computer or device to read it. You are blessed if you have a place to stay and food on the table. If you have friends or even just one friend you are blessed. If you have clothing, you are blessed. Why not start a list of all the blessings in your life and pay particular attention to your immediate surroundings because there are blessings around you now!

Ask yourself if worrying about getting something done will get it done faster? Ask yourself if stressing over an outcome changes it? Ask yourself if anything in the past you worried about came to pass and if it did was it even half as bad as how stressed you were about it at the time? Ask yourself how effective and efficient you are when you let the stress get the best of you. Now find some amusement and give me a good belly laugh at what you just noticed!

Think of it this way, if you’re staring intently or have your eyes clamped shut worrying that the storm might sweep you away you will surely miss the rainbow showing you that light is still present behind the clouds. Yes, there are things to do, people to see and responsibilities to be met but everything WILL get done and you WILL get through whatever comes your way. Take comfort in your blessings for you are indeed blessed. In fact if you start counting those blessings you will find YOU’RE TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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