6 Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues!

HolidayIf you’re stressed out or singing the holiday blues these days you are not alone.

This time of year it’s common for people to feel lonely, isolated, stressed out or sad.

Here are 6 ways to shift the holiday blues so you can experience the season with JOY!

1. Disconnect

Social media is a wonderful place to connect but the fact is, not everything you see is real. I call it “the face of Facebook”. Everyone is ‘blessed’, ‘grateful’, having an amazing time, happy and joyful. Of course that’s true for some but everyone is human, has challenges, bad days and situations they don’t share. On the flip side there are rants, judgement, anger and downright nastiness. Although we think we are “connected” we are, in fact, disconnected from ourselves. Disconnect from the illusions and the energy on social media that may be affecting you more than you account for and re-connect with yourself.

2. Meditate

Take 5 or 10 minutes (at the very least) to simply breathe, feel your connection with the earth and your energy flow. Check in with yourself. Reconnect with YOU. Daily meditation during the holidays has a cumulative effect. The more you find time to meditate, the smoother your day will be. You could even take it one step farther and actually set the energy of the holidays for yourself. While in meditation, decide what energy vibration you’d like to experience for a particular day and “set” that day. In fact, try doing it today! Set the energy you’d like to experience for today and see what happens. Call it a practice day and we all know, practice makes perfect.

3. Manage Expectations

There is a lot of pressure during the holiday season. We are expected to find the perfect gift, act a certain way, be somewhere on time, be nice etc. There are a plethora of expectations we are supposed to meet and those expectations from others (and the expectations we have for ourselves) put more pressure on us. How you choose to take part in the holidays is totally up to you. To manage expectations check in with yourself and see what YOU need. If you find yourself responding, going to every party, caving to peer pressure to eat drink and be merry when you don’t feel like it, check in with yourself and just notice if you’re answering to the expectations of others or putting undo pressure on yourself with your own expectations.

4. Release the Ghosts of Holidays Past

The holidays can be a challenging, sad and lonely time of year often times because of holidays past. It is inevitable we will be missing a loved one, stressed out by something that happened and remembering fondly, or not so fondly, holidays long past. When holiday memories come up, acknowledge and embrace them. Notice the feeling that accompanies the memory and acknowledge that too. Once you’ve acknowledged the memory allow it to be released. Release the ghosts of holidays past so you are free and have access to all your energy to create beautiful holiday magic in the present.

5. Let Family be Family

Even the happiest of families has its moments. Someone, whether consciously or unconsciously, might invalidate you, compete with you, boss you around or simply push your buttons. Take a breath and find some neutrality. If things get ugly, meet the situation by taking a deep breath, checking in with yourself and remembering they are engaging you because of their own “stuff”. You don’t need to challenge, fight with, prove yourself or engage them. Your neutrality is you taking the “high road” and helps to defuse the situation. You know that saying “peace on earth, good will towards men”? Why not extend a little of that towards family?

6. Find your Magic and JOY!

Connect with your own unique (and powerful) vibrations of magic and joy. Allow the magic and joy to flow through you. Create magical connections and situations. Don’t simply respond to an invitation, do those things that bring YOU joy and are not simply obligations to family and friends. There is a magical, beautiful world out there filled with joy. Allow yours to flow and surround yourself with it.

During the stressful holiday season reconnect with YOU. Take time to breathe. Manage expectations. Allow others to be where they are. Release the ghosts that haunt you. Connect with those you love who may or may not be family and plan a little holiday magic! Sometimes all it takes is to get up close and personal with yourself and others. Cheers to JOY and Magic!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Memorial Day Gratitude; Words are not enough…

memorial-dayMemorial Day in the United States has changed from its civil war roots originally called Decoration Day. It has become a day for honoring those who serve(d) in the armed forces.

This is a day to put aside any judgement about war and honor those who fought (and are still fighting) bravely. It is time to pause and reflect upon the true meaning of Memorial Day and not just consider this day as the unofficial start of summer.

It is a sad truth that war exists but it does. It is a part of history in almost every country. Whether it be a civil war, the fight for freedom,  human rights or against tyranny there are those who step up and take on the duty of serving and protecting.

There are many reasons men and women join the armed forces but the fact remains they are stepping up with the knowledge that they might have to go into battle at some point. They step up when they KNOW they could lose their lives. Even those who were drafted in years past fought for their lives and ours. Many paid the price and made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom.

War is not pretty and leaves a mark on everyone and everything it touches; Soldiers, family, friends and the countries where the wars take place. It leaves a mark on each one of us as we watch with horror from our homes. Saying thank you isn’t enough. One day of honor and memorial isn’t enough. Mere words are not enough nor is placing flowers or a flag on a gravestone but it is all we can do.

To those who have put their lives on the line for us; To those who put their lives on the line to help others be free; To the families of those who lost their lives in the line of duty let us say thank you. Let us honor this day and give thought to the meaning of memorial day and how our lives have changed because of these brave souls who took on the huge responsibility of defending our country and fighting for democracy and freedom all over the world.

We honor you and thank you for your service. We honor those who lost their lives and pray that those who fought and returned find love and peace in their hearts again. We say thank you and pray for the families of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. We say thank you and honor each and every person who stepped up to sign up.

We say thank you and honor those who were drafted. On this memorial day please join me in a moment of silence to honor, say thank you and send out the vibration of gratitude, appreciation and peace to our veterans past and present.  It is with the utmost respect, gratitude and appreciation that we say THANK YOU for your service! You ARE appreciated and words are simply not enough…..~Shine Your Light Debbie

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