There’s ALWAYS a bigger picture…What’s Yours?

As I gaze out the window of the plane at 32000 feet, I’m suddenly in awe of the landscape below and  the infinite universe above. As we ascended into the sky the view of movement below becomes indistinguishable and finally vanishes altogether. For a time we are lost in the clouds which act like a comforting blanket of soft fluffy cotton in the sky.

What started out as a rainy, gloomy Chicago morning turned into being surrounded by magical, billowy cloud castles with the sun casting a pinkish red glow on the clouds adding to the beautiful sight. I slept for a time (truth be told I love to sleep on planes!) and when I opened my eyes the sky was clear, showing brown majestic mountains below and the brilliant azure blue atmosphere above.

There I was in a 737 bubble flying overhead while the earth was teaming with life below.  People are going to work and getting on with their busy-ness. There is worry, stress, joy, happiness or whatever consumes and demands ones immediate attention. From where I sat in my bubble the vastness of the landscape and the limitless possibilities took precedence over the details and worries of the past or future.

There are times when what demands your attention creates a vortex which sucks you in causing you to be stuck in the middle of swirling energies. The bubble you sit in is filled with so much other ‘stuff’ that you lose your sense of self. It is this very ‘loss of self’ that causes you to get caught up in the bubble of demands which consume your thoughts until it is all you can see. When you begin to see the bigger picture, you will find that your immediate circumstances are a mere blip on the radar of infinite possibilities!

Losing yourself in the details it’s almost impossible to see the bigger picture and there is ALWAYS  a bigger picture. If you take a step back for a moment you may even find an answer or two which has eluded you. There is clarity and comfort in the big picture. When you find YOUR bigger picture, you find  there is a purpose to what you are going through. That purpose teaches you something and adds depth and meaning whether it is good, bad or indifferent.

It’s beneficial to step out of your routine and the details of everyday life for a moment to get a sense of the bigger picture. Take a step back, turn your attention inward and when you have gotten back to yourself, just observe.

How about a little game to illustrate? Stare at your thumb for one minute. Keep focusing on your thumb. Now, while still staring at your thumb, tell me the details of your surroundings. Not from memory, no cheating! Tell me in detail what’s across the room while staring at your thumb. Interesting isn’t it. You can’t see much else while all your attention is focused on just your thumb. It is the same with your day-to-day life.

Stepping out of the energy to look at the big picture gives you an entirely new perspective and you don’t have to get on a plane to do it! Take time to meditate and return to your own personal energy bubble. This separates you enough to stop you from staring only at your thumb. It allows you to come out of the clouds, see the sun which has always been there and gives you space to see the bigger picture. What’s yours?~Shine Your Light Debbie

©Debra Taitel  2011 All rights reserved

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