What’s Taking Up Space?

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Having ones space is a recurring theme I write about. We lose and get back our space both energetically and physically every day. When you become aware you have lost your space by either giving it up or it was invaded, you are receiving an important message.

The message is about where you are working, what picture still needs to be cleared or resistance that you are harboring. If you aren’t paying attention to having lost your space, I guarantee that at some point it will become SO clear that you’ll begin paying attention. The good news is that if you lose your space you CAN get it back!

Your space and energy are valuable…

Having your space on an energetic and physical level means you’ll have more energy to create with and more space to have your creations manifest and become real.  Losing your space is a blessing in disguise. The blessing is that when you’ve lost your space it points you in the direction of what you need to work on for growth & expansion despite how it feels at the time.

When your physical space needs remodeling, while going through it there is chaos and you can only imagine what it will be when finished. Everything is out-of-place and yet you wouldn’t dream of discontinuing the project in mid-stream  to live in the chaos. You do what needs to be done to finish so you can move back in to a sparkly new space that feels really good!

Do you reclaim your energetic space in the same way?

On an energetic level if you lose your space there’s no better way to get it back than meditation. Call it inner reflection or introspection if you like. 🙂 You wouldn’t dream of living in the middle of a construction project until it is finished. There’s no space. It’s not safe. You’re pretty smart as spirit so if you’ve lost your space why would you want to be in your body if it’s not safe with all that stuff that isn’t YOU?

Once you have noticed that you’ve lost your space acknowledge it then uncover the reason you lost it in the first place. If your focus remains on all the places you don’t have space it will be difficult to re-own because you are then  giving up space to the picture of not having your space! This is called being STUCK.

Start asking questions to find your answers. Are someone else’s belongings still in your home? Are you holding ‘space’ for someone else? Is there a painful memory (picture) from your childhood you are still feeding energy into which takes up the space that joy and happiness could be in? If you are using  LOA is there a space to manifest your creations? If not, what can you let go of or clean out to make that space?

Everything on this earth needs space and room to grow!

The more of your space you own and occupy, the more you can grow and expand it! Think of it this way. Say you’ve planted a garden and it becomes covered up with weeds and debris. It gets no oxygen or sunlight and very little water. It has no space to grow. It is literally being choked and trampled by everything covering it. When you clear out the weeds and debris it gets what it needs to grow and bear fruit!

If you’ve lost your space, take it back and own it! Consider the invasion a blessing to point you in the right direction. Create the space for more abundance,  joy, love and happiness to fill your world! ~Shine Your Light Debbie

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And the Oscar goes to….YOU!

From the time you are born you are creating the movie of your life. What’s your movie like? Is it a drama? Comedy? A romantic film filled with love? A serious documentary? Is it full of art & passion? Is it like The King’s Speech where you triumph over challenge or like Black Swan full of internal struggle and finding your dark side?

Regardless of the current theme you are creating this movie every day with your choices. You are the producer, director, costume & set designer, cinematographer AND the star! You can adhere to the script or decide to change it. It’s all up to YOU the star! Your life is of great value. YOU are important and MATTER to your film. Your stellar performance in the film is deserving and worthy of the much sought after Oscar!

In your life, it is YOUR choice what part you’d like to play. Will it be a supporting role taking a back seat to the star? Of course not! You ARE the leading man/woman! You get to make all the decisions and one of them is living and being who you are. The most authentic starring role comes from within you. Bring out and live your truth, your heart and your passion.

Take out your Academy Award score card. After all it’s really your vote that counts!  Look it over and if there are areas you’d like to strengthen, go ahead!Write an acceptance speech! When accepting your award there are many people who have played a supporting role in your life and learning. Make sure to include gratitude & appreciation in your speech. It is important to recognize the parts others have played. Even those painful learning experiences taught you something and added strength and fortitude to your character! 🙂

There you have it… YOU win the Oscar in every category! Accept it AND your part as the lead actor! Validate all the choices that you’ve made to get you where you are. The epic that was years in the making has added to your experience. There is value to everything you’ve been through and that gold statue is YOURS! Walk the red carpet! Accept YOURSELF with grace and gratitude! Most of all, never forget to keep creating and re-creating your movie until it and YOU are exactly how you want them to be!~Shine Your Light Debbie

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