Be Gentle with Yourself….

Taking the road less traveled and healing yourself is not always easy. As you awaken, you not only become aware of the pain and invalidation you are holding on to but in the process of clearing you must face it for a moment so you can release it.

No matter where you are on your spiritual path, how enlightened or self-aware you feel, your place as a teacher, lightworker or student, you are in a growth process. There is always more to uncover and discover. Of course this is a good thing because it means you’re alive. 🙂 It also means that while you are acknowledging and going through this kind of growth you need to be extra gentle with yourself!

Pain, hurt, invalidation and fear buries itself deep within your psyche. The energy resides in your physical body as well as your spiritual body. It is in the cells of your body, stored as excess body weight, hidden behind a smile or an energetic facade. 

While we all want to grow our self-awareness,  heal and release what we are holding on to there is a mechanism that kicks in when we hit those pain pictures and our attention automatically shifts until we are ready to clear them. Again this is not a bad thing because it allows each of us to clear at our own pace.

When you uncover any sort of pain pictures  and begin clearing them from the spiritual part of you it does take some time to clear in the physical. In spirit there is no time or space. Energy clears instantly. The physical body takes time to heal and in some cases the energy is in physical form as in getting sick or needing surgery.

The important thing to remember when embarking on a journey of spirit is to be gentle with your body.  It’s going through a lot! Give it nourishing and healthy foods, make time for soothing moments of quiet and truly pamper yourself.  Physical exercise helps the process along as well! It gets you connected to your body but keep in mind that getting enough sleep and rest is just as important.

This is also the time for meditating and turning your attention within more not less. It will help you get through your growth period faster and easier.  As a spiritual being you are strong and wise beyond words. You will never put yourself through something you can’t handle but sometimes asking for a little help goes a long way! Don’t be afraid to ask for help and by all means if energy has manifested in the physical see your Doctor!

The dewdrop in the photo posted is delicate yet strong enough to hold together the teeny water molecules that make it a dewdrop.  It allows itself to BE a dewdrop shimmering in the morning light. It trusts and accepts help from the flower petal to keep it safe until the process of being a dewdrop is complete.

You are indeed like the dewdrop. Be gentle with your body and give it what it needs. Trust and have faith in your strength of spirit and know that mind, body and spirit will guide you toward what you need to help you through the growth process. ~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Is it Necessary to Crash & Burn?

The universe has an interesting way of sending messages and answers our way. At times these messages come gently and others, well, we need to be hit on the head until we wake up and smell the coffee! The real question; Are you aware of the messages and answers that are being given to you?

Last year I had a reading from the amazing Sheryl Blumenthal. Yes, I do readings but it is challenging to see myself as clearly as I can see others. 🙂 I knew her reading would be a powerful healing but I had no idea that the messages she would communicate had been given to me many times before.

During the reading I experienced a series of pictures flashing before my eyes of each instance this information was delivered to me and I either couldn’t have it or wasn’t listening. So where does the crash & burn come in you might ask? It’s in the ‘crash’, hit me in the head with an anvil to make me listen part and this time, I listened!

Each one of us has a different ‘crash & burn’ but no matter how it comes it makes us stop and listen to those messages we may have missed or realize the prayer has been answered even though we thought it wasn’t. It’s about life lessons & miracles that we consider trivial until something happens to make us finally sit up and take notice.

Crash & Burn comes in many forms. It could be illness in your own body or that of someone you love. Death of a loved one. An accident of some sort that makes you aware of your body due to injury or surviving an event that by all views should have been fatal. It could also be in terms of a relationship ‘break up’ or personal economic disaster. It could indeed be all of the above at once or within a short period of time.

No matter what the crash is for you, it’s the thing that happens that makes you say ‘Wow, where have I been? Have I been sleeping? Why didn’t I see that before?’ ‘Thank you God! I’m happy to be ALIVE!’ The crash brings you to your senses! It really does in effect wake you up, shows you where your attention has been (or hasn’t been) and hopefully allows you to re-evaluate what you value & where you’d like to have your attention.

Is it really necessary to crash & burn? No! As you increase your awareness, awaken & listen to the messages you are receiving you can begin to use the information to heal. Healing is a process and it may be that you need to clear certain things before you can truly ‘hear’ or ‘see’ what you are receiving about something else.

All of this is about bringing your attention back to YOU! When your attention is outside yourself seeking things, answers or worrying & obsessing about this or that, you are no longer listening to your messages and honoring who you are.

The crash & burn makes you aware of those things that are really important in your life but so do the gentle messages that are being given to you every day. Listen to the gentle messages, recognize and honor who you are. Cherish & value the people you love, the love in your heart and life itself!~Shine Your Light Debbie

Artwork by Daniel Holeman

©Debra Taitel All Rights Reserved

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