A Lesson from my Souls…Letting Go

rainbowLetting Go

I’m calling this post Lessons from the souls. You’ll see why as you read! It’s about letting go. ūüôā In several of my clairvoyant readings I’ve noticed how what we hold on to can get in the way of bringing in what we really¬†want¬†in our lives. I see this and hear it from people every day. Before I begin my story, I’ll just ask you to think about a few things….Have you ever held on to something well past its usefulness? This can be a thing, an energy, a thought, a person, a relationship¬†or even lie that¬†you’ve held on to for so long that it¬†became a truth. Think about it. I’ll bet there’s something you can think of! Now I’ll tell you about an experience¬†I had that goes directly to the point…and it’s literally what I’ve learned from my souls!

I am a runner training for a 1/2 marathon.¬†Bet you didn’t see that coming! Read on ūüôā You may not know that you need to change your running shoes at about 500 miles or every 6 months give or take.¬†Due to economic circumstances (or perhaps not as you’ll see) I’ve been unable (or for some reason unwilling) to purchase a new pair and¬†have been running in the same shoes since last December. They have about 1000 miles on them, no support, no cushion…in effect, they are ‘dead’. I’ve worn them long past their point of being useful.¬†For the last few weeks when I would get up to¬†run¬† I found myself¬† in total resistance to running. Probably due to ¬†having been in physical pain every time¬†ran in those shoes. The pain wasn’t only¬† during the run but afterwards for another day! Since my race is coming up in early August, last weekend I was facing a 12 mile run¬†and just could NOT run in my old running shoes. I made a decision to run in another pair of athletic shoes¬† that¬†are much too¬†heavy and bulky for a long run,¬†yet very stable¬†with good support.¬†I knew my legs would tire faster but I was determined to complete my training run. In essence, I needed to let go of my old running shoes, take a leap of faith and hope for the best!

I began to run and I immediately noticed NO PAIN! As I continued I started to think about why I hadn’t let go of the other shoes. It dawned on me that they were a gift from someone very dear to my heart. Someone who is still very dear to my heart but no longer in my life in the same way as when he gave me the gift. I realized that I was still¬†holding on to the pain of the relationship along with those shoes.¬†¬†I¬†knew I needed to let go.

As I allowed myself to let go a wonderful thing happened. I began to notice the beauty of the sun shining on the lake, I took a different running route and discovered a¬†butterfly and bird sanctuary,¬†newly (spring)¬†planted prairie grass, the sun shining through the trees! I realized that in all my previous long runs, always taking the same route,¬†I hadn’t noticed any of it!

Later on that day I also took a new direction and instead of going to the local running store to get my shoes, checked another store that is not known for selling running shoes. I had to laugh! Not only did they have my shoes but THEY WERE ON SALE and so discounted that I bought 2 pair!   By letting go I now had the space to go in a new direction and bring those other things into my awareness instead being in physical pain from running or the emotional pain from a relationship that had changed. I literally learned from my souls how holding on to pain can effect everything you do!

Perhaps¬†while reading my story you were also thinking about something you are going through in your life.¬†Something you are not letting go of or holding on to well past it’s point of usefulness. It could be an old energy, painful memory, circumstance, an old or current relationship,¬†or possibly¬†even grief. If¬† what you are holding on¬†for whatever the reason no longer brings you joy, you are not learning, growing and creating¬†….Whatever it is it may be the perfect time to LET IT GO! Honor what you learned from the experience.¬†You can’t change the past but you CAN let go¬†and create the¬†space to bring something new and wonderful into your awareness and your life!

One thought on “A Lesson from my Souls…Letting Go

  1. This is very helpful.. to stop and pay attention to why we’re holding onto something that could be let go..

    And the transformation you experienced afterward was wonderful!

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